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I saw this one coming a mile away.... my current employment is scheduled to end on the Ides of March. Frankly I've been looking forward to it. But I knew they didn't think through the terms of my contract well enough and now are suddenly having that moment of epiphany when they realize that they will need me to complete the full fiscal year (until the end of April and a couples weeks after to formally close the books). So they are going to be offering me a contract extension. This works out really well for me. Apparently half my job, the more ANNOYING half, would not be included in the revised job description. What's left is the part of my job that is so simple and requires such little effort I could do it with my eyes closed. Plus NO MEETINGS!! But of course they indicated they would be giving me a raise to do all of this...LOL. I already told them I couldn't commit to full time in case I get another job during the interim so they would have to make sure the contract would allow for flexibility to work part time as well should I find employment elsewhere. Anyhow, the proposal is allegedly coming to me on Monday. In all truth the perfect scenario would be to finish out the current job, then finish out the new contract, make a fortune (since I'm pretty much saving it all these days) and have about a month off before I start a new job. Worst case scenario, I'll have enough savings and guaranteed UI that I really don't have to worry about finding a new job for a long time. I  would just love to go that perfect case scenario route so I can take my savings, buy some much needed items for the apt. and put the rest into both RRSPs and a 'travel' fund so that I can finally take a seriously good and long overdue out of country vacation. We'll see how it goes.

In other news, I saw this article on 'misleading' advertising and felt compelled to read. I am so impressed that the UK is taking a stand against this type of false advertising. I only wish North America would follow suit. So much wrong with advertising, and in particular within the cosmetics industry, it is not even funny. There is nothing I hate more than when I see a 20somethingyearold advertising anti-aging products, or girls with what clearly are false lashes advertising mascara, or the oft-used buzzwords like 'natural' to make you believe that what are still highly toxic items are actually good for you. Sure the ads may look visually beautiful but really, I can't possibly buy a girl barely out of her teens being concerned with age spots or loss of firmness. MEH!
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I am so impressed that the UK is taking a stand against this type of false advertising.

\o/ UK!!!

Drives me crazy how bad it is in adv especially as I used to work in that industry lol...but srsly I really can't stand that age spot commercial where the girl is in her early 20s...what 20 year old needs an age spot cream? Do they really think we're that stupid? I wish everyone would ban that commercial for "false advertising" as it's fraud imho....
If I were betting, I'd guess that model isn't even 20 years old yet. Those young models usually look older than what they are. So sad. Was it Nivea that you said used REAL people who actually were likely in their 40s 50s 60s for their ads. That makes a heck of a lot more sense.