A bunch of little newsbits for the day.

First, I was somewhat disappointed with this week's episode of Merlin. Didn't have that much bite to it. Not enough of MERLIN, for starters. I think the highlight of the show was the great makeup they used on Morgana - well that and the fact that Lindsay Duncan (Servilia from Rome) was in this episode as a rival Queen. Seriously - it was blah. Hopefully next week will be better.

Superbowl - well I predicted the Giants would win but really I could care less. Not my type of football (the Serie A Roma game on the other hand, now THAT was great football). Madonna half time show was good, not great, but WAY better than the horrible job by the Black Eyed Peas...I think they performed last season if I'm correct. I really didn't watch much else so can't comment on the commercials.

I keep LOLing at all the comments on Twitter about the 'snowstorms' in the UK and Italy. Buck up and get some shovels. You people need to take a trip to Canada some time to experience what REAL snowstorms are like. Of course don't bother visiting Toronto since it's sunny and a balmy 6 degrees in February! I almost feel like wearing shorts - its that nice out.

Axl Rose is FIFTY years old today!! 50!! ACK *headdesk* now I really feel old.

Mirvish Productions announced their 2012-13 theatre lineup featuring tons of musicals:
  1. The Book of Mormon - which sounds like an incredibly funny premise but since I'm not a South Park fan and it is by  the creators of South Park I am somewhat reluctant to see it
  2. Backbeat - which chronicles the early days of the Beatles - that has oodles of potential
  3. La Cage aux Folles - starring George Hamilton. Meh. Now if it was The Birdcage that is an entirely different matter
  4. Sister Act - really? They made a play of that? quidquid
  5. Honeymoon in Vegas - starring Tony Danza. Umm, NO
  6. The Wizard of Oz - featuring new material from Andrew Lloyd Webber and Tim Rice. OK I'm intrigued but truthfully I'd rather see The Wiz
  7. Bloodless - directed by Colm Wilkinson. Don't know much about this one so I'll need to see the details before I can pass judgement (bonus show)
  8. Flashdace - oh yay! I kept waiting for someone to make a musical of this movie. It made more sense to me to make this movie into a musical than Footloose or Dirty Dancing (also a bonus show)
So no JCS...ah well...

The National Ballet also released their 2012-13 schedule and Alice in Wonderland is returning in November. I missed it last time out but it is a definite must see this time round. I've always wanted to see Carmen...the music alone is amazing so I can only imagine how great the ballet would be.
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Oh, I love Lindsay Duncan. I saw her in a movie not long ago...I think it was a Jane Austen film but I can't remember...maybe Mansfield Park?

Nice the Giants won. Now grrm will be happy and maybe he'll go back to writing soon!

Our weather is crazy. But keep it coming! :)

Axl Rose is 50? Are you serious? Holy moley!

Wow! Nice Mirvish productions! I saw the movie 'Backbeat' - a wonderful film - one of my favourites of that year.

*sigh* It's been a long time since I experienced some real culture and went to the ballet, or a symphony concert for that matter. :/

Carmen is amazing. :)

She was in a couple of Jane Austen movies. In "Lost in Austen" - she was Lady Catherine. In "Mansfield Park" (the one that Frances O'Connor and James Purefoy were in, she played Mrs. Price.

Loving the weather but it is supposed to get a bit colder this weekend...ah well. Almost mid Feb and I don't think we have had more than 10cm of snow all year total.

Axl Rose = 50 is a scary thought.

I didn't know "Backbeat" was a film. Now I'll have to try to find that somewhere as I'd like to see it.

So a big YAY to Carmen then. I will mark that on the calendar now.
That´s why her face sounded familiar!! I just watched some episodes from the last season and that one was one of them.
I'm often surprised at the quality of actors/actresses they get as guest stars on this series. Some pretty well known faces keep popping up when I least expect it.
I think Carmen would be wonderful to see in a ballet...... Watched Super Bowl, I was going for the NYG and bonus was Madonna and not so much with IMFAO don't like them.....
LMFAO are just idiots. Their songs may be popular but really I hope they just take their money and quit now so I never have to see or hear them again.