Updates on three of my fav shows....

Once Upon a Time will be doing an ALICE IN WONDERLAND episode this March. Pinch me now, I must be dreaming.  First Emilie de Ravin as Belle and now they give me Alice too....*cries tears of joy*

ONTD had an interesting GoT post re: 7 Things I Can't Live Without in Season 2 It made me recall a lot of the stuff I had forgotten  and made me get all nostalgic and sentimental about the things I loved about the second book. Re: #7 Jaqen H'ghar ...oh I so forgot about that tub scene. It will be indeed be worth watching. I guess Jaqen would be the closest thing to a replacement for Khal Drogo this season - not quite as volatile but certainly just as lethal. I keep focusing so much on the main characters they are introducing this season (Stannis, Davos, Brienne, etc.) but that is a mistake on my part.  It's the minor and supporting characters like Jaqen and Podrick Payne, for example, who make this series so entertaining. #3 Sandor vs Tyrion I SOOOO agree with the comments posted "And let’s admit it, their rivalry is a lot of fun, as both boys lack and subsequently resent something the other has, ie Tyrion’s political clout and Sandor’s physical prowess. But let it be noted, I shall not be satisfied if they don’t get at least three interactions total on the season. Let the macho machinations begin already" Just please please more Sandor..his character is so crucial in the novels and so far he has been wasted in the TV series. I am worried about #1 (Sansa in the Sept of Baelor). A lot of that action plays in Sansa's head and may be difficult to convey onscreen. Ditto for when Lancel has his 'epiphany'...my guess fear is that the whole Sept of Baelor scene will be greatly reduced for screen. All I know is reading this ONTD post has made me want to expedite my reread of A Clash of Kings...I don't think I can wait to March to reread it.

Finally, the show I am honestly most excited about, the return of The Borgias...another preview, or rather a behind-the-scenes doc for your viewing pleasure...

This is the perfect promo for Season II IMO. The events of Season I really are nothing compared to what I assume will occur as part of Season II, circa the actual Borgia history. FYI @ 3:20 NEEDS to be my desktop wallpaper...
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Ah Chez/Francoise....so not my type and yet I can't help but swoon!