Merlin, OUAT, Grammies

Good stuffs over this past weekend. Merlin 4.6 was a billion times better that 4.5. Finally the episode where Arthur and Merlin hug...I remember when it was first aired in Britain and my Tumblr practically exploded. *snickers* Aside from that, it was truly enjoyable seeing Merlin play the 'bad guy' trying to assassinate Arthur and being snarky with the knights. Hysterical. And George...LOL. I hope he shows up again at a later date...and makes some silly joke about brass. What I didn't like was the fact that they keep making Arthur appear so blatantly stupid...and yet, paradoxically he is such a great ruler. This week Arthur discovers that there is a traitor in his court, he deduces who the traitor is and then what does he do? He goes to the traitor and tells him that he knows about it. *facepalm* Aside from Ned Stark Who in their right mind does that? Arthur for God's sake, it's called subterfuge....use it.

Once Upon A Time...if Belle and Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin are not reunited by the end of this series there will be a profuse amount of hate mail heaped upon ABC.  It's so funny, no matter how much they reveal through backstory I can never like/forgive Regina but I just weep for Mr. Gold/Rumpelstiltskin...Ahhh, so 'True love's kiss will break any curse'...and therein we have the answer to how Once Upon A Time will end. Just don't do it anytime soon as I'm enjoying this show far too much right now.

From what I saw of The Grammies, the last hour to be precise, the event was ridiculously boring. Adele won just about everything...as expected and deserved. I never watch the red carpet for the Grammies. It's the only major awards show where the men always outdress the women IMO. Female musicians always seem to have such shoddy taste - usually too trashy, or just trying to make a statement. Not worth my time.
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Sometimes they write Arthur so stupid it's annoying as it's based on a guy who would have been very intelligent.

Also I'd rather see characters progress, grow and if they make a mistake they learn from that'd be preferable than to have them do something stupid just to make the "evil" character have more of a hold on the "good" guy. Don't get me started on stupidity for comic relief....*rolls eyes*

Once upon a Time next week has a mermaid *squee*

I'm glad Adele cleaned up....her album and songs are far superior to most of the nominees imho.
It's kind of sad...it's like there is this universal DUMB Arthur in tvland (think of JCB in Camelot...not exactly putting my faith in that one either) while book/real Arthur was always so intelligent. Shame...

I'm curious if it is going to be "The little mermaid" or a totally different idea. I haven't found any spoilers yet so it will be new for me.
I caught the tail end of a preview on CTV but I only realized it was a preview of the mermaid episode at the last minute when they showed the mermaid and I thought it was the girl who played Snow White but I could be completely wrong about that because as I said I wasn't paying attention thinking it was just their standard adv for the show....idk
Meh...not even the mermaid episode. Sorry...but I know it's coming cause they mentioned they were going to do The Little Mermaid
I actually felt sad/bad for Rumpelstiltskin.... good episode...I think and I guessing your right about the ending though we must not forget guy with typewriter.... interesting to see how season does come to an end..wonder if really ratings are there for a season two.....
I would be so happy if it turns out that the guy with the typewriter is really Rumpelstiltskin's son.