It's that time of year yet again...*sigh*...

Happy V-Day....

Best part of the day so far = Julie Kagawa, the author of The Iron Fae series, has posted a short story (24 pages) on her blog which basically recounts Meghan and Ash's celebration of  their first Valentine's Day together. I'll be reading it just as soon as I finish this post. I HOPE she includes Puck in the mix.

For those of you who are anti-Valentine's Day adherents, I've covered all bases with this post. I've made a little observation about the pitfalls of romance, well, sort-of. As I've been rewatching The Borgias over the past few days (it's been what I'm calling 'Breakfast with The Borgias') I find I'm consistently fast forwarding through the so-called 'romantic' scenes. To be precise, those horrid 'forbidden love' scenes between Chez and Ursula, the inane sex scenes with Juan and Sancha, the overtly sugary Crezia and Paolo romance. Frankly the only decent lovers on the series are Cesare and Lucrezia Rodrigo and Giulia and that is only because when they are together their romance tends to include a decent history or geo-political lesson. Note to producers: I was far more turned on during the scene when Cesare and Machiavelli meet for the first time. e.g. Machiavelli's assessment of Cesare: "If these times have made you clever, the coming months may thrust genius upon you". Now THAT is the epitome of sexy. *Renaissance fangirl swoon*...IDK, sue me for being weird. Ahh, well, I guess that's what happens when you need sex/romance to sell history to the masses. Here's to another licentious season...and yet more sex in the Neapolitan 'Corpses of the Last Supper' banquet hall. Pass the wine please...
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Oh, I LOVED these cards when I saw them on grrm's blog! I love them so much that I wish I could have given copies of them out for V-day! :) I'm not sure which one is my favourite - Daenerys or The Hound. Hodor is good too. I love them ALL!♥

I have finally learned how to use torrents and you can bet I'm downloading The Borgias as soon as I've finished watching Season 4 of Breaking Bad.

Happy Valentine's Day to you too! :)
Did you see that GRRM is coming to Toronto (Indigo Manulife Centre Tues Mar 13 @ 7 PM) and will be signing A Dance with Dragons? I expect it will be packed...I'm still deciding if I want to bother going or not (if only to tell him to get back to work writing...LOL!!)

Enjoy the day!!
GRRM coming to Toronto? Omigosh! I didn't know - thanks so much for telling me. That's not too far off - I'll have to let my sister know and maybe she'll want to go with me. ;)