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A Legit Reason to visit Spain...

Whenever I put together a list of those places I'd most like to visit, Spain is always way down on the bottom of the list. Maybe a couple of days in Barcelona, a visit to the zoo in Valencia, the Templar castle on the coast, the Santiago de Compostela, a stop at the Prado and, of course, the Bernebeu for a Real Madrid game. That's about it. However, based on this tour, which was clearly created with me in mind, Spain is being bumped up. Really though, a tour of Borgia Rome (actually, Borgia Italy, for that matter) would be ten times better than Borgia Spain. In fact, I could probably put something together myself - I'm certain I'd do a better job organizing a Borgia tour than any travel company ever could. And while I'm at it, Medici Florence, for the true Renaissance enthusiasts. Who's with me?
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I'm with you! The most FUN trips can be created around a favourite show or even a book. In 2007 my sister planned an itinerary based on the Sharpe TV series (and books) that took us on Sharpe's route through Portugal & Spain, and it was a blast. We probably visited places we never would have thought of otherwise, and that was a good thing. :)

Ditto in 2009 when I went to Italy. (My sister and her husband went separately, but we both planned the trip based on the Rome TV series.) And I am SO GLAD we got to see Rome and Pompeii. :)

So I'll join you for the 'Borgia' trip. No problem at all! ;)
It usually is the best way to go. When I was in Rome/Italy I went there on a 'classical studies' trip so it was pretty much geared around ancient Rome - I visited all of Rome (cool places like Nero's Golden House, the baths, the place where Caesar was assassinated, the prison that held the apostles Peter and Paul, the markets, all the usual sites like the Colosseum, the Circus Maximus, the Forum, etc. etc.) and Pompeii, Herculaneum, Ostia, Tivoli, Hadrian's Villa, the Etruscan towns, Naples - Vesuvius, Paestum and a bunch of ancient sites I'm probably forgetting now. Of course I also viewed all the renaissance sites I could get to along the way. Unfortunately the Borgia apartments were actually closed when I went to the Vatican Museum (they house the modern art gallery now).

So a Renaissance Italy trip is on the agenda for me as well - Borgia Rome, Medici Florence and Sforza Milan (which bodes for a great football trip as well if you think about it....)
ooo that sounds cool...and will Chez be our guide? A girl can dream right lol.

Count me in for it all!