When the Hunger Games met Once Upon A Time...

I saw this and just had to post it...

Seriously I'd rather watch this version of The Hunger Games than the real one...Snow as Katniss, Gold as Haymitch, Graham and David as Gale and Peeta...oh geez, brilliant. Can we make Belle Rue? Too bad it wasn't Catching Fire...you know where I'm going with this...Prince Charming got nothing on Finnick Odair.

(hmmm....come to think of it, Finnick Odair....Jamie Dornan...give me some time to pause and consider....)
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So I was wondering will you see the HG in the theater...?? I am on the fence, with great book reviews will the movie be as good. Actors are so so... ??
I absolutely intend to see this in the theatre. I wouldn't want to miss it on big screen. As far as I can tell the actors seem fine but I guess I won't know till I actually see the movie. I just hope that the movie does well so they can make the rest of the books into movies. It is the second novel in the series that I really like and my favourite character is actually in the second and third books.