Have mercy....

Yet another amazing preview for The Borgias, Season 2...

Note to My Subsconscious: please have vivid, lengthy and recurring dreams re: circa 6-7 seconds in (actually pretty much all of those first 2-7 seconds...*still recovering*). You know you want to....

FYI...All Season 2 previews and archived materials from Season 1 are available for viewing on The Borgias Showtime page on Youtube. Be forewarned, the page is life-ruining and you may need to stay there for a rather lengthy visit (WORTH IT). I find it particularly amusing that Chez's 30 second promo is entitled "The Dark Prince" while Juan's is "The Unholy Knight". *smirk*

Meanwhile over at HBO GO there is a new A Game of Thrones, Season 2 preview...

At least in this preview TV Dany is far more appealing than book Dany. After that first novel, her storyline fell apart for me. Hopefully they will manage to keep her interesting and vital in the tv series.  I love snarky Stan and sidekick Mel being oh so very haughty in their tete-a-tete with Renly. Where is the peach? Where is the peach?  Not enough Jaime...but since, if I remember correctly, he really isn't in the second book for more than a few pages I'll be happy just to see him show up. Where is Brienne...did I miss her in this preview? Also not nearly enough of Theon Greyjoy IMO...I hate him in Book 2 but he does play a rather vital role and I hope they don't cut his parts too much especially since it looks like they have gotten it in their heads that it is a good idea to add to Robb's storyline featuring extra parts that do not exist in the books UGGH. I'd much rather Cruel dumbass Theon  over  Romantic dumbass Robb. I must rewatch this preview again...some time after I stop drooling over all The Borgias promos of course...
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Oh wow, there is just so much eye candy going on here. I confess I am completely in love with Francois Arnaud now that I've seen him in "I Killed My Mother" and how could anyone possibly resist Cesare Borgia? ;)

I'm sure the second season of Game of Thrones will be terrific, but oh, how I wish they wouldn't ADD things that were NOT in the books. There is so much to cover as it is. I'll have to watch the GoT video again as well, because I do believe it didn't show any Brienne and Jaime scenes and I want to check.

Also, I think that even from this little clip, I can tell I am going to like Stannis and Mel very much. ;)

AAAAND....I think Jon seems veryyyy moody. ;P
Jon Snow, moody...period. That one is quite simply the poster boy for EMO.

So true re: not adding things to GoT. There really is so much to cover. Even more so for next season (Storm of Swords).

And, I can't resist saying this...Francois Arnaud is on my to-do list for tomorrow *eyedart* In all reality, TMN is showing I Killed My Mother so I'll be watching.
This promo is on perpetual standby on my desktop. I think I've watched it over a dozen times just within this past day. Mmmm perfection.
Holy Mother of God Church...oh Chez I love your hair and I totally love thy family and as for fear thy wrath hmmmm well *raises eyebrows* that could get interesting if you know what I mean...