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Leap Day, Exhibits and Concerts....

Happy Leap Day!! For the record, this is the one and only day that I would ever formally get married. Clearly that ain't happening this time round so another 4 years it is. As a consolation I did receive free tea today for David's Tea who were handing out free cups of Organic North African Mint (my choice) or Green and Fruity tea in celebration of the holiday.

Good news. I have scheduled some special events into my calendar. I'm going to go out and do things...yay!! So tired of sitting around the house and doing nothing in particular (except work, of course).  Tickets are now in my hands for the following two events:

First of all,  A Game of Thrones exhibition. This exhibit will be at TIFF Bell Lightbox - March 9-18. It is a ticketed event but tickets are free and I've reserved mine already. Here is a snippet of what they will have on display...

Game of Thrones: The Exhibition showcases a wealth of material from HBO’s global production, including: six costumes; props symbolic of major plot twists; an assortment of weaponry, tableware and banners that illustrate the series’ distinctive Houses; gorgeous still photography from Seasons 1 and 2; and behind-the-scenes videos of the designers and craftspeople who bring Westeros to life. Among the many highlights are: the never-before-seen costume of Melisandre, a major character new to Season 2; a dragon egg; the “Hand of the King” badge and the stag crown of Robert Baratheon.

The anchor to the exhibition is the infamous Iron Throne itself. Located in the RBC Lobby at TIFF Bell Lightbox, fans and passers-by alike will have the chance to be King or Queen for a day and be photographed with the Throne.

Mel's costume...O_O...well I'm certain it will be a lovely shade of ruby red. I may literally start bawling if they have "Oathkeeper" on display. For some reason I knew they would have the Baratheon crown there. I wonder if they will have replica merchandise for sale. I am so on it.

The second event, is the Toronto Consort's production of Carmina Burana...ahhh that will be so good. Here is the excerpt from their website:

Discovered in a monastery in Austria, the original Carmina Burana is one of the most beautiful collections of medieval song, dating from the 13th and 14th centuries. Songs of love, songs of springtime, drinking songs, spiritual songs and lively dance tunes all grace this anthology, attributed to the wandering scholars of the day. The Toronto Consort brings alive these fabulous glimpses of an earlier era, with voices, hurdy-gurdy, fiddle, recorder, lute and harp.

I always love their concerts and tickets are so ridiculously inexpensive which is just a bonus.

I'll let you know how both events turn out and I'll post pics of the GoT exhibit, that is, if they allow pics to be taken (aside of course from the obligatory Iron Throne pic).
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Yay for tickets to concerts and AGOT exhibit...I'm sure that at AGOT most of the attendees will be most annoyed with my lack of knowledge of the characters and storylines as I haven't read any of the books lol but I'm pretty sure I've probably absorbed a lot of AGOT stuff from you :D :D :D

btw who's this Mel chick again?
Oh I doubt people there would even know that you haven't read all the books. And most of them are completely confused anyway. Remember that Tumblr blog where the girl just posted the comments her mother made while watching GoT? I think her mother is the typical fan to be truthful.

Melisandre = Melisandre is a new character for the second season onwards. She is a priestess of R'hllor(yet another religion/god in Westeros - the 'new' religion) and is in service to Stannis Baratheon (the now deceased King Robert's younger brother...older brother of Renly Baratheon). She is a beautiful, powerful and wise woman, always dressed in red. She displays numerous magical abilities that seem to come from her devotion to R'hllor. Though she has a smooth, controlled, and often friendly disposition, many people feel intimidated or threatened by her presence. (fyi most of that info is taken from Wikipedia) In the scope of ASOIAF there are very few female characters I'd viably ever want to be or could relate to...she is by far the one I most closely align with...She just has a peripheral part in the novels but I'm hoping we'll see more of her in the tv series and in the final two books.
I'll probably have a few questions regarding the 'old' and 'new' religious once the series airs its second prepare or forewarned lol! Be afraid be very afraid mwhahahah :D :D :D

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I sort of missed Leap Day, but a belated good wishes from me!
LOL - maybe in 4 years you will get married. :)
I am salivating at the thought of the GoT exhibit. If they have replica merchandise for sale I will die. Mel's dress is one of the first things I'd go for, but I have a feeling I'd probably empty my piggybank. ;)

I am going to the exhibit with a reasonable amt of $$ available just in case. The blu ray alone will be setting me back $50 when it goes on sale tomorrow.