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What in the world has possessed you to air Merlin Season Four out of sequence? Last night you were scheduled to air Episode 9, Lancelot du Lac but instead you aired Episode 10, Herald of the New Age. I am not complaining per se that you aired that episode...it was brilliant, arguably the best episode this season. However, because it was aired out of sequence, the regular followers of this series were left scratching their heads wondering what the heck has happened in Camelot. Arthur claims Gwen has been banished and Lancelot is back from the dead? These somewhat critical events occurred in Episode 9...the one you for some unbeknownst reason have decided to skip entirely. I do hope that you air it next week just to catch us up. Frankly I wouldn't want to miss Gwen get banished...I've been waiting all season to revel in that moment. What can I say...I'm not a fan of Guinevere...meh. I am however a fan of Lancelot and am a tad pissed off that I missed his return. Please next week give us our Episode 9...and then go back to the regular sequence.

Of course I shouldn't be surprised by this error on your part. If I recall correctly, you aired the second half of the two hour third season finale of Merlin prior to airing the first half of the two hour season finale. #epicfail  As such, I'm not expecting much from you so I already have the appropriate episode ready to view online next week should you decide to f*** up again.

That is all.
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IKR!!! wtf was that!?!?!

Hopefully they'll put the previous episode on next week and if not guess we'll have to track it down online and watch it *eek* (hates watching anything long online)
I have access to a site that streams the episodes in 3-4 minute blocks so it's about 12-15 segments to watch an entire episode. If we are desperate that is where we can watch it.
eeek that sounds painful to try to watch but I guess we have no choice if Space doesn't air the episode right.....