AGoT Exhibit

Went to the A Game of Thrones exhibit at the TIFF Bell Lightbox. Completely enjoyable. I wish they had more actual props and wardrobe there and less photos. Don't get me wrong, the photos were gorgeous but really they were mostly just publicity stills that were already in distribution. Too bad you couldn't take photos of anything in the exhibit...well except you could take a picture in the Iron Throne which I refused to do for various reasons. It wasn't like you could just go up and take a picture in the Iron Throne...you had to wait in line (a 1 1/2 hr lineup) to get your photo taken 'professionally' (four poses) by someone who would then be uploading the photo(s) to the TMN webpage...in other words, it could be used for promotional purposes...and who knows where it would go from there...ah well...I did see the Iron Throne at least.

I'm certain the wardrobe on display was not the actual real deal used in the series. If it is, those girls are REALLY tiny...like my size tiny. Cersei, Catelyn and Mel's dresses/capes were on display as well as one of Dany's Dothraki costumes and Jon Snow's Wall ensemble. The shoes/boots were just plain horrible...I guess they were designed for comfort and practicality because they really weren't anything special. I did like the accessories though - the jewelery and the belts in particular. And there were swords...but not nearly enough IMO. Ned's spiked head was on display as well as one of the Dragon eggs ('from the Shadowlands of Asshai'...I always loved that line) and the Baratheon stag crown. Good stuffs.

If you are in or around Toronto and are a A Game of Thrones fan, the display is on at the TIFF Bell Lightbox until the end of this weekend. It is definitely worth the trip. The exhibit is a free ticketed event. The have a very limited amount of merchandise for sale but it is basically the same stuff you can purchase off the HBO website so don't worry about breaking the bank at the gift counter. Valar Morghulis...
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Awww...now I wish I had gone! I suppose I could still go this weekend. We'll see. I'm sorry there wasn't more merchandise on sale but I guess things can be purchased online.

I like your descriptions of the costumes. Sounds like the tiny dresses might fit one of my legs but that's about all. XD
I can't possibly imagine these girls/women weighing more than 110 pounds to fit into these dresses...