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Amazing how one's tastes change over the years. In my current quest to read and/or reread Borgia fic in preparation for the upcoming new season of the series I decided to start off with a novel by John Faunce, Lucrezia Borgia, which I first read circa May 2005. At the time I thought that novel was the greatest thing since sliced bread. This time round...not so much. It was good, had all the same humour of the virginal read, but really Chez was so annoying. Other than his constant referencing of ancient Rome I can't see why I would have loved this novel's portrayal of Chez as much as I did. quidquid I think I'll go for The Family next.

I also finished reading The Dovekeepers...well that was disappointing. Everyone raved about this book - a novel about four women and their journey to and as part of the group who dwelt within the fortress of Masada during its rise and fall. I guess because of all the great reviews, the comparisons to The Red Tent and the prestige of the celebrated author, I expected so much more from this novel. I can see why some would love it but for me it wasn't anything special. Also, it didn't help that it was one of those novels with LONG chapters. I prefer when novels are broken up into a lot of short chapters. Makes it easier to read. I'd give it a 3.5/5
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I agree with you about short chapters. They rock. ;)

The Family should be good. I want to read that too.

LOL @ 'Chez'!

I finally finished watching both 'Borgia' on Netflix and 'The Borgias' on DVD, and writing up a quick comparison of each.

Going to make post now. ;)

Also need to make some Borgia icons. :)
I read The Family for the first time circa 2005. It was one of my fav books back then. We'll see how it goes this time around. I have just received my order of Borgia on DVD so I'll be watching that series now as well. I must check out your post for the comparisons of the two series.

I need more Borgia(s) icons now as well in preparation for the new season. Do you know if Borgia was picked up for Season 2? The Borgias Season 2, the one with Jeremy Irons, starts up again on April 8th.
I think Borgia is well worth seeing, although it's much more realistic, brutal and bloody than The Borgias. Apparently one of the executive producers, or writers, or somebody important involved in the series also worked on Rome and you can see the influence.

Eeeps! There are spoilers in my post, because Borgia is complete in one season. But I think I gave a warning to that effect. ;)
Thanks for the warnings...but I always laugh when people say 'spoilers' when it comes to tv series/movies based on historical events/periods/people. All you have to do is read a history book and there are all the spoilers. LOL

I do see a bit of Rome in Borgia now that you mentioned it.

One thing you didn't mention, and I haven't come across it yet in the three episodes of Borgia that I have watched, is Micheletto in the series?
True about spoilers! And I know you've read books about The Borgias. Silly of me to apologize for spoiling the plot for you. (Although I would assume both TV series changed the events slightly.) ;)

No, I don't remember a Micheletto in Borgia, although I've only watched the series once, and intend to go back and watch it again. :)