And so it is yet again March 15th....

So basically whenever anything of significance occurs on said date in history Google will create fancy, schmancy Google search art in memory of the it the birthdate of a scientist, the anniversary of the invention of a certain gadget, the creation of a famous work of art, etc, etc. You get the idea.

Why then on today, a relatively significant and famous day, does Google always turn a blind eye to it? It is the IDES OF MARCH. People use this catch phrase all the time and yet so many out there have no idea what the Ides of March is really about. Google you are missing your opportunity to educate the masses. Think of all those people out there, the ones with the Jersey Shore level educations, who blithely sit idle by their computer monitors awaiting your every move. Next year I fully expect a cute little pic of a bunch of toga-clad senators, all with 'lean and hungry looks', waving their daggers about to strike out at a laurel-leaf crowned, bald Roman guy. Come on know you want to. And if the dagger theme is too tasteless, vulgar or violent, then at the very least you can show an eccentric-looking, homeless guy warning said laurel-leaf crowned, purple-trimmed toga wearing guy to 'BEWARE'.
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Like this....LOL.....I was thinking the same thing....