EW Subscription Quandry...

My fate lies in the hands of Entertainment Weekly. Which cover will I, as a subscriber, be receiving next week?

For the record, I'm just happy that aGoT is on the cover and I'll be fine with either one... who am I kidding, I want the Cersei/Jaime (aka the Lannister Twincest duo) cover. I just wish it would arrive already.

To top off the confusion, EW is running a poll asking which cover is your favourite. The voting so far:
  • Tyrion = 38.83% (I'd give it extra bonus points just cause he has the 'hand' in the pic)
  • Dany = 36.69% (I'm guessing people are voting for the dragon!!)
  • Jon = 17.62% (he is too clean in this pic...Jon needs to be dirty to be enjoyable...nice, ahem, 'sword', though...and I'm certain he knows where to put it)
  • Cersei/Jaime = 8.85% (err, ummm, well I guess I'm of the minority here...If you wanted to put a couple on the cover, perhaps Loras/Renly would have been a more appealing option?? *raises eyebrow*)
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I got mine! And it was the Tyrion cover. I'm happy with it.:)

I agree with your opinion of Jon's picture. :(

Inside the mag it does reveal that one of the returning characters whom we have not previously seen naked WILL be naked in the second season. (Pray for Jon.)♥

Seriously, though, it could be almost anyone. They are trying to tease us!

Can's wait for April 1st! :)
I'm pretty sure the Tyrion ones are for subscribers only as I've only been able to see the other three covers on sale. I have yet to receive mine...I usually don't get the mag until Tuesday or Wednesday.

Wow...not so sure I want it to be Jon with all that other potential out there (Loras, Renly, Jaime...). Jon does have that love scene with Ygritte coming up...or does that happen in the third book? I can't remember now???
I'm pretty sure that Jon and Ygritte happen in Book Three, but when you receive your EW, you'll see an article that explains a lot of how the producers decided to change things and add stuff from Book Three into the Second Season. I really cannot wait. :)
I just received the magazine and will read later today. I was aware that they were adding stuff from Book Three - they had to. It makes sense and I'm glad that HBO is doing it. For example, if they followed the books, Jaime's storyline is virtually non existent in Book Two. If I recall correctly, he only has one scene in one chapter of ACoK and that is when Cat talks to him while he is in prison. I can't imagine going a whole season with Jaime only showing up once. I recall reading/hearing that if the series goes as far as Books 4 & 5, that HBO would be combining the two. I only wish GRRM had done that. I hated the separation of the two novels - both the separation in time from when the two books were released and also the physical separation of the storylines (Book 4 primarily set in King's Landing, Book 5 primarily set outside of KL and outside of Westeros proper). HBO is correct in combining them - you don't want Jon, Dany and Tyrion absent for an entire season!!!
Right. I think the producers made the right move in deciding to combine Books 2 & 3 of GoT, or at least including part of Book 3 in Season Two. And for sure we wouldn't want to see such a little of Jaime as well as nothing of Jon, Dany and Tyrion later on!
I'd vote for the Dragon one... What is her name sad I forgotten already..
Yes, as Niviene states her name is Daenerys Targaryen...but just call her Dany for short. Everyone does.
I love the Cersie Jamie one...from a photographic and portraiture point of view it is the most esthetically pleasing to look at (sorry my photographer degree suddenly kicked in there lol).

I also like the one of Daenerys Targaryen and yes the dragon gets the vote there!

John Snow's is much nicer when you actually see the cover in person

And well my least favourite cover is Tyrion's although I do give him points for the hand mocking jay pin....LMAO...shall we offer the 'imp' as tribute?
After seeing them in all person I really don't care which one I receive ...but I think I may wind up buying them all since they are sooooo pretty.
Well now that I have the one I want I am at a loss whether to get them all or not...I suppose I'll try. They are soooo pretty.