Merlin - Season 4, Episode 11 - The Hunter's Heart

I am in agreement with the majority consensus...Arthur should have married the Princess Mithian. She was by far his best match ever throughout the entire four seasons of this series. She was the perfect princess. Ah well...let's face it, there really is only one true love for Arthur and it ain't Gwen.
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Ugh I can't stand this Gwen....can they get some one else please but totally agree Princess Mithian was 1000x better!
Actually, in all reality, Princess Mithian was TOO good for Arthur. She really could do better. If she were Queen of Camelot I think she'd eventually get annoyed with all the times she had to cover up for him to make him look good when he says or does something idiotic (and we all know that happens at least once every episode). She would have been a better match with Lance. And I bet Lance would have preferred her to Gwen...and that would have solved the whole Lance & Gwen dilemma. Oh wait, this is mopey boy Lance. He would have bemoaned the fact that she was a 'princess' and she could never love him...blah, blah, blah. OK never mind that one. Well she can't have Leon...I already called dibs. Ditto for Gwaine since he is pretty much yours...There's always Elyan. But if she is as smart as I think she is she'd see the sense in not marrying into that family. UGGH. And that leaves her with Percival by default...err, umm, the arms, the arms...maybe not.

(OK that was WAY too much analysis for a simple Merlin episode)