Follow Up to the EW Subscription Quandry....

Remember my post a few days ago outlining the EW subscription quandry and which GoT cover will I receive? I now have my answer...received today via raven post...

Needless to say this was met with a resounding 'YYYYYYESSSSSS' that echoed throughout my building's lobby and likely scared the poor concierge/security...followed by a series of fist pumps that would make the cast of Jersey Shore weep with envy. Now the question remains do I bother purchasing the other three covers???

Since EW is CLEARLY monitoring my LJ  as they have in fact sent me the very cover that I most coveted, I propose that EW may further satiate me by featuring a glossy cover tribute to the Borgia bros sometime within the next few weeks. Here's hoping... *fingers crossed*
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We should have filmed us going from store to store tonight trying to find clean copies of the other 3 mag covers....too funny.

(I just wish EW had done a cover for John Carter!)

Edited at 2012-03-21 02:56 am (UTC)
That was actually didn't take as long as I thought. We were just being picky about the covers...

Sorry no John Carter...I'm still waiting for a Borgias cover