Season Two...where is the primer???

I'm somewhat disappointed in EW. They focus this week's magazine on AGoT but fail to provide what I believe is a much needed primer for Season Two for it's audience who has not yet read the books....I was completely expecting to see something (a special page, a sidebar, etc.) that outlines the new characters. There are a plethora of new characters in Season Two. I remember being worried that prior to the series debut that the generic masses would find it difficult to follow the show with all the numerous characters and Houses. Fortunately HBO and a bunch of other key entertainment sites went all out offering character profiles to introduce everyone to the major characters. That clearly isn't the plan for this season. With 40 (yes, you read that right) FORTY, new characters* (albeit most of them are minor) making appearances this season, I really wish there was a decent primer out there. Ahhh well, I did come across this thoughtful article re: The 10 Most Anticipated Moments of Season Two. I am going to warn you that the article is very spoiler-filled but if you have not read the books it is a useful tool to give you a bit of an idea what, and particularly, WHO to watch out for in Season Two. Me, I'm just waiting for Podrick...such a cutie!! I already foresee him becoming my Season Two version of Lancel Lannister. 

(* That number is taken from ASOIAF wiki)

Quick visit to the HBO site to check out the merchandise...there are four items of interest:
  1. Playing Cards...mostly 'cause I want who gets to be the Jack of Spades, Jack of Hearts (my two fav cards) and the Joker..plus I love the House logo/watermarks for the suits
  2. Targaryen Ring - I'm not much of a fan of the Stark ring even though it has the direwolf on it. The Targaryen one with the dragon is gorgeous though
  3. The Hand of the King - really I just want to have that 'handy' because I think it would make a great weapon in a pinch
  4. Night's Watch Oath Mug - oh gush, gush....the oath always gets me a little weepy. I love tradition of it all
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Ooohhh..I LOVE all the GoT merchandise! (Although why they made a Frey t-shirt, etc., is beyond me. Who would want one? Seriously.)

I showed my sister. Her birthday's in June. I have to get her the playing cards, a Martell t-shirt (her favourite) and possibly the dragon's egg pendant (if I feel like breaking the bank).

I also like the Iron Throne paperweight and all the mugs of the houses I like. There is a lot of tempting stuff there.
So true about the Frey's...insane!! So much tempting merchandise. Unfortunately I was on The Borgias Showtime merchandise site - can't say the same for them. Only a pittance of items and nothing really spectacular. What a shame :(
Oh, too bad The Borgias don't offer as much memorabilia as GoT. Maybe it will after the second season. :(