Getting ready for The Hunger Games....

I finished my reread of The Hunger Games in preparation for watching the movie on Sunday. I'm halfway through Catching Fire...I stopped literally at the halfway point at the very first mention of the the name "Finnick" and plan on reading the very best part of the series, the second half of the second book remainder later today.

At lot of people are talking about what scene they are most excited about seeing in the movie. For me, what I'm hoping from the movie are those scenes that aren't and can't be included in the book for obvious reasons. In the novel, the story is told from Katniss' p.o.v. so when the Games commence we are only able to guess at what is going on back in the Capitol and in District 12. In particular, I would like to see the Capitol's audience reactions to what is happening, the sponsors reactions, how Haymitch operates and his influence and spin on the progression of the games (i.e. the donations), and, of course, the reactions from all the key characters in District 12 (Katniss' mom and sis, Peeta's dad, Gale, etc.). In the novel, Katniss can only hint and suggest at what she believes may be occurring but I would LOVE to see what really does go on. I doubt they'll bother showing any of it thought as I'm certain the actual events in the Games themselves are not something you want to pull away from. Then again, every time there is an emotional or particularly brutal death of one or more of the Tributes (which is all too often) I'm certain a break away to the Capitol or District 12 would be a welcome respite and could also provide a crucial message of the impact these Games have on the lives of the people in the Capitol vs the people in the Districts.

Meanwhile, back in District Four...
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