The Hunger Games...

The Hunger Games is arguably one of the best book to movie adaptations I've ever seen. Although there were some changes that would be expected (e.g. scenes were not quite as detailed as in the novel, some scenes were cut entirely, a few minor changes, etc.) I believe the entire concept was well maintained and presented. I think the only change I really wasn't happy with is, and it is completely subjective, they 'dumbed' down Peeta IMO. He had a bit more confidence in who he was in the novel(i.e. that his method for success would be his ability to speak well and present himself as being a likeable person) and that didn't seem to come across very well in the movie. Not a big deal though. The movie truly was well done and I would definitely recommend it to those have and have not read the books. Now bring on Catching Fire. My new pet cause is my campaign to get Finn Jones to play Finnick. Why? First off, look at him...he looks like Finnick, more or less (ok he needs to buff up a little but otherwise he is good). Second, it is fated - his name actually IS Finn and he is 24...just like Finnick. And third, from the few scenes he had in AGoT he carried them off splendidly. Ser Loras is very much a mixture of arrogance and charm as is Finnick to an extent. You never know what to expect from either one. Granted Finnick has a whole layer of emotions that get explored in the third novel. I truly believe Finn Jones could carry off all the multi-dimensions of Finnick Odair. So Finn4Finnick it is. (NOTE: If JCB wasn't going to play Jace, I'd be all over him playing Finnick. I just don't see him in both roles. That would be YA OD IMO)
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My new pet cause is my campaign to get Finn Jones to play Finnick

I have visions of Hermione and the elves from Harry Potter :/ but hey I'd support it even though I haven't read that far yet.

Btw you not telling me Gale get's whipped in the second book is just wrong...

Why can't JCB play both? I think actors should play diverse characters....helps them grow in their craft.