My three favourite things...

YAY! New EW with a lovely insert/ad for AGoT...

I love their advertising...they always manage to get it just right :)

Meanwhile, Showtime has intentionally leaked episode one of Season 2 of The Borgias. Needless to say I have downloaded the ep and have watched it twice. I want to refrain from posting full comments on episode 1 as it will likely be spoilers for the few people who do read my blog. Suffice to say, Cesare is still dreamy, Juan is still a dick, Alfonso's voice hasn't changed, Della Rovere is still a naive twat, Giulia Farnese is still flawless and everyone got perms...IDK. Best character intro is Chez's first scene...so cool it hurts. I had to LOL at Micheletto's first scene...absolutely priceless. Only on The Borgias...*rolls eyes*. Can't say as I'm looking forward to the direction they are taking with the Giulia Farnese/Rodrigo storyline though. And no Gioffre in sight :( Poor little guy. He is the Rickon Stark of the Borgia family.

And on Merlin, it was the penultimate episode of Season 4. Just when I think the series can't top itself they throw out another brilliant episode. Great job by Bradley (Arthur) at playing a hapless simpleton following Merlin's beck and call. Weird choice for Tristan and Isolde but I'll go with it. Nice reunion for Merlin and his mom and great interplay between Gwaine and Morgana. It was a near perfect ep...until she showed up and ruined it all at the end...I'm dreading next week. Do they REALLY need to get married???

(actually I should make this post my 'four' favourite things - wasn't Once Upon A Time brilliant this week? I loved the Mad Hatter episode. I fully expect him to return at a later date. He was one of the better characters OUAT has introduced.)
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Arthur = simpleton = LMAO

great interplay between Gwaine and Morgan

If Morgana touches one hair even just one hair on my "twitter boyfriend's" head I will hex her into her next incarnation...just sayin' but ya it was great lol

I loved the guy form the Covenant as Mad Hatter...he did a really good job and I can't wait until the Red Queen shows up cuz she will remember everything as he does and since she hates Regina she'll be on Emma and Mary Margret's side.

Hey what if Red Queen shows up to prove MM's innocence? That'd be cool....

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