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Sorry about the infrequent posts...life is a tad hectic these days. I'm so busy training staff (and myself) it keeps me going non-stop. Ah well...the sooner it is over the better.

Went to see Wrath of the Titans which turned out to be better than the original. I did not see it in 3D - my boycott of 3D movies continues. Based on the premise of the plot I maintain Apollo and Dionysus now rule Olympus (or so they think...Athena will always be the one with the ultimate power!!) Loved Ares...shame to see him go :(

Merlin Season 4 finale wrapped up in a nice tight package. Not too happy with the ending for Tristan and Isolde...they could have stuck around for the next season. I try to block out the wedding...it was, quite simply, painful. Just knowing I have to watch Arthur + Gwen all next season is thoroughly revolting. Hopefully season five will feature more of the knights and their respective backstories. Two words: SER GALAHAD

And yes, I have been watching GoT and The Borgias and of course will be commenting on it.
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I thought Wrath was pretty good for a sequel.

I wish they hadn't killed Tristan and Isolde off too! Such a waste of good characters.

Yes I'd love to see a Sir Galahad but he needs to be pretty with great hair just to give Sir Gwaine a run for his money and speaking of Gwaine I'm sure he's off some where in a tavern drinking and carousing with the locals...and after the day I've had that's not such a bad idea.