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Game of Thrones - Welcome to Season Two

So happy to have Game of Thrones back for it's second season and riding on its superb ratings comes the details on its renewal for a third season. Can you say 'Red Wedding' everyone?  Anyone who has read the series will know book three is by far the best of the lot and it will be sheer perfection to see it play out on screen.

Now for the negatives, I was so pleased with season one and its faithful adherence to the novel. Season two has already taken quite a  few liberties (Shae living within King's Landing, Rakharo's death, no Damphair to greet Theon on his return, Bronn being named the commander of the City Watch [I LOVE this revision...makes a lot of sense], Asha's name change to Yara, NO Shireen…) For me the change I was dreading the most was the blatant affair of Mel and Stan. In the books it is only suggested...clearly that ain't the case for HBO. I was so worried about the way they would portray Mel on the series  - I feared they would take the ooh she is a dreaded evil sorceress seducing Stan to get power route. While that isn't EXACTLY how it is playing out, I don't see her as being quite as enigmatic as she comes across in the novels. Until the most recent novel, you had to guess whether  she is truly working for Stan or for her own benefit and whether her intentions are pure or evil. I suppose we'll see a lot more of her to come so I'll wait for further eps to make my final judgment on the portrayal of what is one of my fav characters. In the meantime I do like Clarice in the role...she is not far off from what I pictured Mel...attractive but in her own unique way. I guess more to follow...I'm especially waiting to see how the shadowbaby scene plays out.
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shadowbaby? What is that? you never mentioned it before....
You DON'T want to know...let's just let it happen as it happens. Suffice to say, it may be a little disturbing.
oh well then we can't have GOT without disturbing images can we....can we go back to Loras+Renly pls?