Borgias on Jeopardy

Figures...when I don't watch Jeopardy comes an entire category devoted to The Borgias in preparation for the Season Two premiere!!

If you want to play along, here are the questions and answers behind the cut:

$400 - Built for the family, the Borgia Apartments are an important part of the heritage of this location within Rome
$800 - The first Borgia to become pope was Calixtus III, whose first Papal Act in 1455 was to try to recover this city from the Turks
$1200 - As Pope Alexander VI, Rodrigo Borgia fought the invasion of Italy by King Charles VIII of this country, plague helped
$1600 - Lucrezia Borgia was married 3 times, the first at age 13 to a son of the Sforzas, a powerful clan of this Lombard city
$Daily Double - Sibling to Lucrezia and Cesare and equally treacherous, Juan Borgia was murdered in 1497, his body found in this river

$400 - Vatican City
$800 - Istanbul (I called it Constantinople...I wonder if it that would have still counted as correct?)
$1200 - France (None of the contestants got this answer correct ... )
$1600 - Milan
$DD - Tiber

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