The Borgias...Season Two Premiere

What do say about the return of my fav series? AHHH THANK YOU SHOWTIME!!. Episode one was everything I could have hoped and dreamed for. My running commentary as I watched the episode (which will make zero sense to anyone who hasn't watched it) is part of the LJ cut below.

Setting the scene for the season, we commence with a somewhat flustered young altar boy attempting to poison the sacramental wine of Cardinal Della Rovere. We later discover the altar boy was commissioned by Chez and that the dosage was intentionally not sufficient to kill the Cardinal….only enough to put Della Rovere out of commission for a while and basically give a warning to him that there is no place for him to hide from The Borgias. mmmmwaaahhhhaaaahhhaaaa

BTW, nice ecclesiastical Latin pronunciation by Della Rovere :)

The very same altar boy is then given his due reward by Don Micheletto... who drowns said altar boy in a well oustide the church. Yes you knew that had to happen - couldn't have any witnesses after all. But Micheletto was just too funny in this scene. After drowning the boy he just lounges about so nonchalantly like nothing happened, even gesturing and greeting a passing by nun. "Go with God, Sister". LOL

Time for a tender family moment with Pope Alexander and his grandchild. What better place to tote the baby than to a papal audience with the French ambassador. Not sure what was funnier - the look on the French Ambassador when he saw Rodrigo with the baby or the fact that he complied with Rodrigo's request to lower his voice so as not to wake the baby.

And now in a scene stolen straight from The Godfather - we have Rodrigo Don Corleone addressing his sons Cesare Michael and Juan Sonny lecturing on what is expected of them individually and particularly as part of the unified Borgia family. Of course that could prove difficult when Chez and Juan at each others throats - mmm, sibling rivalry at its finest. Those two need to be smacked upside their heads...*cue Rodrigo smacking them upside their heads*. Scene is way too realistic….typical European family.

Notice all the joyous references to Ancient Rome in this dialogue and throughout the a Classicist I couldn't be happier.

And after the big 'We are Family' moment concludes what happens next?...oh yes Chez and Juan are once again trying to kill each other. This time round it's a swordfight. I have to say it because it must be said - David Oakes = years of stage swordfighting experience; Francois Arnaud = not so much…On a personal note, I could pretty much watch this scene on loop for hours *sigh* Just like I always imagined (minus me, some wine, and that four poster bed in the Borgia apts...but keep the swords...and ditch most of the clothes *cough*) Notice how Micheletto has to break the two of them up...Micheletto the peacemaker? Hardly? it's more likely 'If anyone is going to do the killing around here it is going to be me"

First observation on Juan 2.0 - I do prefer the assertive Juan to the totally inept, completely harmless and barely tolerable Juan of last season and recorded history. And plus that means more of David Oakes which makes me so happy these days.

As for Rodrigo and his wandering eye, geez, you have Giulia Farnese...she is basically perfect on all counts. Why bother with anyone else...much less Vittorio/Vittoria? (I smell a Renaissance cross-dress play in the making) I fear this Vittoria girl may be this year's answer to Ursula...

Ooooh Pope Alexander...archeologist. So much for the Naples museum...toss all that x-rated stuff in the Vatican archives, locked away, never to be seen again unless, of course, your name is Robert Langdon.

And still no sign of Ursula….Jesus, Mary and Joseph, thank you for this small reprieve.

When the French king was being treated by the Neapolitan dottore I couldn't help but think...isn't that the same treatment Gwyneth Paltrow swears by? I kind of like the French King...poor Charles, he tries. He just isn't as, umm, charismatic, as some of the other characters...maybe he needs a perm?

PAGAN PARTY!!! PAGAN PARTY!! Break out the communion wine (no, not that's reserved for Della Rovere)….and call the courtesans. Chestnuts? Apples? Anyone??? I'm marking that date on my calendar now. Ludi Tauri, circa June 25.

And here we are, back in the room of the Corpses of the Last Supper. When last we were here I believe Sancha and Juan were, well...yes...that could explain the 'Neapolitan disease' that seems to be running rampart.

Oh look - the Trojan Horse, errr, Borgia Bull. Quidquid

WTF? Are we in Siena? Do they think this is the Palio? Can you say stunt doubles? Now there is the Juan I know and hate...oh how I've missed you...NOT. FYI, I would have bet on Juan in the race though - better odds. In reality Chez would have naturally won...

Prince Alphonso...on the lam...where the heck did he go? Mars? Oh geez, even he got a new hairdo this year. Must be the Vesuvian Martian atmospheric conditions… unfortunately the climate has NOT affected his vocal chords. Another year of that whining...oh joys *rolls eyes*. Honestly Augustus Prew is growing on me. He is such a riot in the role - way over the top. Not exactly how I pictured Alphonso but certainly entertaining.

The Pear of Anguish, Judas Cradle...c'mon you have to admit, great names for torture devices. Nooooo don't kill Alphonso...I so want him to be THAT Alphonso.

Meanwhile back at the Ludi Tauri, Giulia dresses as Minerva, Rodrigo is Janus, Vittoria as Hephaestuc, Crezia is Echo, Juan as Mars, Vanozza as Juno...I'm going with Pluto maybe for Chez? He really should have been Apollo thought...just sayin' end the episode with THAT scene. YAWN.

Note to self: NEEDS more Borgias icons
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some of those masks didn't correspond to the "gods" they were supposed to be representing...just sayin'...I don't know wtf they were thinking.