The Borgias...Season Two, Episode Two musings...

The Borgias...Season Two, Episode Two...musings (and spoilers)

IDK but I love it whenever Rodrigo utilizes the “WE”… and well he should since he is speaking for God on all matters, including that all important three-way with Giulia and Vittoria.

Rodrigo, what were you thinking? So Pope Alexander randomly goes undercover for a midnight stroll through the underbelly of Rome with his two gfs…no guards. Nope, nothing wrong with that plan. *rolls eyes*

Ursula is still kicking around…I feel the need to ask why? Please eliminate her. She is redundant and is pulling Chez down. Why is he wasting his time on her? He can do oh so much better?  Chez just leave the poor girl alone and visit a courtesan (or four) like any other self respecting Renaissance nobleman would.  

Alfonso is dead? Wahhhh? O_O …I thought he was THAT Alfonso? The one that becomes Crezia’s #2 and is eventually murdered most gloriously by Chez? My history is a little hazy here but come on, it’s a known fact…Alfonso of Naples was Lucrezia’s second husband. I understand the need to diverge from history to an extent but geez that is one heck of a change you are making. I actually threw my hands up in the air when Rodrigo stated he was upset at Alfonso’s death because Alfonso would have made a great husband for Lucrezia. Really…no kidding?! <-<  That comment was a total slap in the audience’s face by the writers. Not to mention I am going to miss Alfonso so very much…the whining, the OTT performance…I was so looking forward to watching Chez simply destroy this man. Ah well…RIP Alfonso aka Judas. Now I want to know how the writers will attempt to reconcile history to the storyline. Crezia needs a second husband, pronto,…and clearly it won’t be Paolo. (side note: maybe they are pulling a GoT since REAL Lucrezia marries two different individuals named Alfonso…my guess is the writers think that the name similarity would be too confusing for the audience…so does that mean new/alternate/substitute Alfonso will be named Yara???)

Paolo is dead? Oh well, no major loss. He was tolerable to look at but that is about as far as he goes for me. His character was blah. He was way too sweet to last in Borgia Rome. IMO Juan did the correct thing for the whole family. You don’t expect me to believe that Lucrezia would have really let Paolo walk away from her after the so-called last night together? I know she’s smart but at this stage she still relies too much on her emotions. Paolo had to go…plain and simple. Rodrigo would have freaked out if the family name had received yet another blemish. Lord knows, if this had actually happened, real Chez (or rather, Micheletto) would have dealt with this matter rather succinctly and far more efficiently than Juan.

Umm, when on earth did Juan become the take charge brother defending his sister and upholding the family name (aka "the moral compass of the Borgia clan")? In retrospect, from what I recall, real Juan was an inept, lecherous, self-centered jerk, full of pride, cruel, but, most importantly, not the more intimidating or formidable (or, for that matter, more intriguing) of the two brothers.  Oh right…David. 'Nuff said. I can’t wait till next week… based on the previews (see below) he pretty much dominates the episode…again…much to my complete and utter satisfaction. I fully expect to be openly weeping in awe of his flawlessness.

In contrast there is Chez. I am operating on the theory that Season Two will continue to be a more Juan-dominant season since basically I don’t see Juan making it through to Season Three *sobs* - therefore they need to utilize his character as much as possible right now. So  I assume Chez will progressively start coming into his own throughout Season Two and REAL Chez will finally show up in full force for Season Three. By REAL Chez I mean the darker, more driven, no-holds-barred, my-way-or-the-highway, mastermind visionary that is Cesare Borgia. I do so enjoy this cutesy, romanticized version of Chez we glimpsed in the first season (he didn’t even know what a ‘garrotte’ was…*facepalm*…dork) and I continue to tolerate it because Fancois is doing a fab job in the role. I can only assume that the writers want their audience to be swooning for Chez and therefore will be best able to understand, comprehend, tolerate, cope with and even support some of his future deadly deeds. The extensive buildup to reach that stage seems a bit excessive though. Hurry up already.

I will conclude with what I deem the quote of the episode: “Are you saying I’m not pretty? I’ve killed for less.”  - Micheletto

Episode three preview...

I so want to see the outtakes 'cause you know that chair fell over...

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Brilliant 'cut' line just frickin' brilliant....we need falcons stat!

Rodrigo, what were you thinking? So Pope Alexander randomly goes undercover for a midnight stroll through the underbelly of Rome with his two gfs…no guards. Nope, nothing wrong with that plan. *rolls eyes* LMAO but so true

David Oakes does evil moral compass Juan soooooo well!!!

I think if they tried for the real Chez they'd lose the female fan base and admittedly I like the cutesy, romanticized version of Chez too!

Ursula is dead to me! Can we please find Chez someone better?!?!
"Ursula is dead to me! Can we please find Chez someone better?!?!"

I'm right here...just sayin' In truth, I pray that Caterina Sforza is depicted properly in the series. If she is, she will be the perfect female counterpart for Chez. They may not be a 'couple' per se...but she would be the perfect match for him. Knowing this series though, they'll find a way to twist tame this storyline (much to my great dismay).

I couldn´t believe either that they killed Alfonso. I loved his performance.
Episode 3 is very very good!!! I think someone leaked it because I watched the first threee last week.
If you can believe I have had episode three downloaded for over a week now and HAVEN'T watched it yet. The mp4 is staring at me...tempting me. Yet I prefer to wait to watch it with my roommate live as it airs on Showtime (Bravo, here in Canada) so we can muse over it together. But I do know what happens on the episode. I trust it will be so very delectable.