OK Rogers, whatever...

When the news hit the press that Rogers stores will no longer be renting dvds niviene and I hightailed it to our local outlet to take advantage of the two for one sales on their catalogue of dvds. The majority of the blu rays were purchased at the ridiculously low prices of 2 for $14.99 while regular dvds were going for either 2 for $5.99 or 2 for $9.99. The following was scooped by us:

Blu Ray
The Extraordinary Adventures or Adele
The Adjustment Bureau
Alice in Wonderland (the new Tim Burton Disney version)
The Bang Bang Club
Conan the Barbarian (the new one, with that hot guy who played Khal Drogo...)
The Conspirator
The Three Musketeers (the new one, with Matthew MacFayden, Ray Stevenson & Luke Evans)
The Polar Express
Underworld, Rise of the Lycans
Hellboy II
The Young Victoria

Regular (I don't think any of these have been released on Blu Ray...and our player upconverts anyway)
Becoming Jane
Wild Target
Blue Crush II
Bright Star

And plus, the Pillars of the Earth series (yay for anything with David Oakes in it!!) As for my other fav actors, if you are keeping score, that is a total of three Emily Blunt movies to two James McAvoy movies... and two movies with Luke Evans who is one of my new favs. A lot of those were on my must have list for ages. I can't believe we were able to purchase them at such a low price. I only wish I knew about the sale earlier as a lot of titles were already sold out. I so wanted Hugo...and Black Swan...and Thor...and so on, and so on....

On the down side, how annoying is it that Rogers is shutting its doors to rentals? I hate ppv. When you rent you are able to watch the entire dvd with all the special features. PPV gives you nothing but the movie...kind of a rip off if you asked me. Plus all those rare film gems that you never would have heard of, that aren't available on ppv, will go by the wayside now. Adele is a perfect example. Nowhere to be found on ppv...and no sign of it showing up anywhere on TMN or the Super Channels. What a loss. Thankfully I'm so close to a Rainbow Cinema, the AMC 24 and Scotiabank Theatre. It looks like I'll be going to a lot more first run movies from now on.
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I'm so mad a Rogers I could spit. I think this choice is going to destroy the independent and straight to DVD film industry. You won't be able to watch those films anywhere unless maybe if Netflix has that but idk much about them.

Also you can't watch the film more than once for ppv which is made of EPIC FAIL!

I'm so glad we bought the Adele DVD now.
I'm debating going back and seeing if they still have St. Trinians

You can watch ROD ppv movies more than once. You purchase them and they are yours for two days so you can watch as many times as you want (and/or dvr them)
I was devastated when Blockbuster went under. There was a store right underneath us in the building where I work, and while I scooped quite a few bargains before it closed, I felt like a traitor for doing so. Especially when I went in on the last day to find the female clerk sobbing her eyes out and being comforted by one of her male counterparts. Some of the staff were very bitter and others philosophical about losing their jobs. Too many people watch everything on their computers now, or through devices like PS3 or Blu-rays where Netflix is available to watch on your TV screen for only $7.99 per month, and you can watch through 3 different outlets at the same time. I am a Netflix subscriber too. It's just the way things are going. About a year ago they closed the Rogers rental outlet in the plaza close to where I live, so I could see the writing on the wall for them as well. It's very sad for DVDs, though. :(
I thought Netflix was behind in their availability though...that is, they don't get the new releases right away. Oh well...it is likely my only option now :(

I do feel bad for the employees. I realize the Rogers outlets will still exist and operate for different purposes (connectivity, bill payments, cell phone, etc.) but I doubt they will need the majority of the staff they now have on hand so there will likely be significant cuts. What a shame.
True that Netflix doesn't get new releases right away. Although I've seen some very recent movies and TV shows. Like 'Rango' and 'Mad Men' all the way through Season Four. And the beauty of the TV shows is that you get to see them commercial-free and whenever you want. I've watched some British series I never would have seen otherwise, like Misfits and Life on Mars, which I'm currently watching.

Also, I've seen some incredibly good movies from countries I'd never thought about. Like Norway and Holland, as well as France and Germany.

And Rogers on Demand is good for the most recent films and series. I suppose between the two of these services, they've put the DVD rental services under. It's sad...