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Any sign of the Reeds?

Any Game of Thrones fans out there? Do you know if the Reeds have been cut from the HBO series? I keep waiting and praying that they will show up at Winterfell but my hopes keep withering away as the weeks progress.
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I've been trying to find out something - anything - that confirms the Reeds will not be left out of the series. While there is no evidence at all that suggests anyone has been cast or that the Reeds will appear in the series, it just seems impossible to leave them out. They are too important to Bran's side of the story to simply be replaced by Hodor and Osha. Hodor cannot tell Bran things or explain anything, and while so far Osha has been the one giving Bran information about things in a very Meera-ish way, Jojen at least still needs to be there. But I am fearful that the producers might slash Bran's story so much that they will leave out a large part of it. It will be up to GRRM to explain to them how necessary the Reeds are. :((((
I am so paranoid about how this plotline will develop. They need the Reeds if only to keep Howland Reed around to explain what really happened in the Tower of Joy. I suppose they could rewrite/eliminate his part and give the ToJ knowledge to someone else but what a waste it would be to lose the Reeds. They are such great characters.

I like the bumping up of Osha's part since the actress is doing a formidable job in the role BUT it's making worryied that they will choose not to separate Bran and Rickon when they leave Winterfell...I can't believe they'd build up Osha so much only to have her depart with Rickon never to be seen again for at least 3 more books (and potentially 4 more tv seasons) I could see HBO making the entire party (Bran, Rickon, Osha and Hodor) travel north without the Reeds and continue to let Osha be the person who instructs and educates Bran. I hope I'm wrong.
After reading this, I believe you could be right about having Bran, Rickon, Osha and Hodor travel north. Without the Reeds' instructions on how to find the (was it the Black Tower?) I suppose they could have Osha do it. They will have to run into Sam, won't they? I wonder also about Cold Hands, because he would also be able to take the place of Jojen as 'instructor'. It's sad to think of the series without the Reeds, though. :(
We will be halfway through the season this week. From the previews they will be showing Bran in this episode. If the Reeds show up it should happen this week. If they do I will scream for joy.

I completely forgot about Cold Hands and yes, he could take over for Jojen but how sad to not have the Reeds. I eventually wanted Bran and Meera to become a couple by the end of the series. Ah well.
I'm so excited about tonight's episode. This will be make-or-break for the Reeds. If they don't show up tonight, then I think they will be left out for sure.

I loved the idea of Bran and Meera as a couple. Oh, well... :(

I suppose this will be the last we'll see of Renly as well. I hope that he'll have at least one last good scenery-chewing scene before he goes....