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In retrospect...

In retrospect this has been quite an interesting week. Barcelona lose the CL Semi Final in dramatic fashion. I literally screamed out loud in joyous rapture when Fernando Torres scored that last minute goal. I though for sure that was it...Real Madrid had it in the bag. Alas, no. I can't even with that shootout. Why Gonzalo Higuain didn't get a chance is beyond me. But whatever...it clearly wasn't meant to be. So who do I cheer for in the final...the team that defeated Napoli or the team that defeated Real Madrid...tough call. I guess because it will be in Munich I'll hope for a home victory...less rioting. Speaking of rioting, I wonder what the queue is in Barcelona for Pep's job. That should be quite kill throat.

Why oh why couldn't you have just let him be Rumplestiltskin's son on Once Upon A Time? Would have been so much better IMO.

Previews of The Borgias...oh wait, with Juan off cavorting in Spain for the next couple of weeks I expect it will be a tad less interesting 'dramatic'. Hmmm, let's see....what historically inaccurate event can they toss in that may pique my interest. How about, oh I don't know, maybe the Bonfire of the Vanities? Can we Micheletto off Savonarola? At the very least can Chez and Cat hook up? That should tide me over... (Hmmm, Juan in Spain, I wonder...Barca or Real Madrid? Given his personality, he is 100% Barca...him and Busquets, total BFFs *cringes*. Chez is so Real Madrid it isn't even funny)

Here is the Game of Thrones preview for Episode Five, The Ghost of Harrenhal

Jaqen is so hot it hurts. I daresay he may become my fav after this week's ep.  I hope he reverts to the speaking in third person - I loved it when he did that in the book. Each week GoT just keeps getting better and better. What a remarkable job they are doing bringing this series to the screen. There have been so many comments and praises but not nearly enough IMO for the supplementary cast so I think I'll do a little shout out right now. How brilliant is Charles Dance as Tywin Lannister? Let's take into consideration that Tywin Lannister is not a POV character in the novels and, in fact, he really isn't in the novels that much...he is more of one of those peripheral characters that looms in the background yet whose presence is critical to the overall arc of the principle storylines and primary characters' development. We only get third person Tywin so we really are only able to form our opinions of him through his actions and the resulting insight and responses of  those around him.  In particular, in the Jaime, Cersei and Tyrion POVs we aren't presented with a pretty picture of this man. Tywin is harsh, intimidating, ruthless, unyielding and unforgiving. But he is a mastermind, for better of for worse.  In Tywin's two minute scene in episode four, Charles Dance managed to convey on screen everything that Tywin does not get a chance to say in the books. You completely understand why his kids not only fear but also love and respect him and why his love and respect is so very valuable to them. Absolutely brilliant work. Ditto this week from Liam Cunningham as Davos. I have to praise him for that scene with Melisandre...he was flawless with his mixture of emotions that the scene demanded. I can't wait to see where he takes this character in the future.

One minor criticism of last week's episode...that scene with Joffrey was completely gratuitous. Why bother putting it in? We get that he is evil. In the very scene prior his treatment of Sansa conveyed it  in spades. In fact, based on social media, it appears hating on evil Joffrey has become the national pastime (followed closely by hating on Juan Borgia...LOL). This scene was a complete waste of time and given the quantity of material that A Clash of Kings covers, any unnecessary scene, and particularly one added purely for shock value, is an insult to the ASOIAF readers. All I kept thinking is what got cut from the book that they could have shown in place of this three minute time waster. How sad. The only reason I can think of beyond shock value is that perhaps they want us to see that Joffrey, in his infinite wisdom, or lack thereof, is hoping to send a message to Tyrion that he cannot be controlled. Ugh, there has to be a better way to do that....without violence and nudity. Oh wait, this is Game of Thrones. *shakes head*

OK one more criticism...where was the peach? Seriously...that scene is so classic from the novels. It practically defined Renly. And when he was talking to Littlefinger and grabbed an apple I was all 'WTF'? If you are going to cut the full 'peach' scene, you may as well at least let Renly choose a peach instead of an apple, a consolation homage of sorts. It may be a simple thing but I'm pretty sure book Renly fans would have appreciated it.
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Ooohh, I love the casting choice for Jaqen. He was one of my favourite characters anyway, and I'm very pleased with Tom Wlaschiha. He was in Enemy at the Gates, and Brideshead Revisited! I've seen those...maybe that's why he looked a bit familiar. But I agree that he's hot. I want to see a LOT of him. He'll help make up for the loss of Renly... :(

I love Charles Dance! I think he makes Tywin more likeable as a character, which should make his death all the more shocking. O_O

I agree that there was overkill with the Joffrey 'sex' scene! Come ON, HBO! We've seen enough of the whores (FAR too much) and yes, Joffrey is BAD. We get it!

And I'm still hoping for more of Renly before...well, you know. Maybe the peach could be incorporated into one last sex scene with Loras. Oh, please, HOB...PLEASE. :(

I actually really like Brienne as well. And I can't wait to see how the sparks will fly between her and Jaime. It should be fascinating. :)

As far as the CL goes...what Chelsea did was nothing short of a miracle. It was wonderful to see it unfolding, and I don't even like Chelsea! But I've always maintained a soft spot for Fernando Torres, and what he did made him seem like the proverbial golden god! So many players would have choked and sent the ball straight at the keeper. That goal was magnificent. :)

But I do think that El Clasico was scheduled too close to the CL semi-finals and that next year the Bwin Liga powers-that-be won't let that happen again! Both Barca and Real Madrid seemed so tired...

I cannot believe those missed penalties. Oh well, next year is another year...

Thanks for the video! I wonder if that HUGE black man with Dany is Strong Belwas. And, oh, Jaqen. More Jaqen. Yes, please....♥
It's true about Charles Dance...he really does make Tywin likeable, or at least somewhat sympathetic. You understand why he is the way he is and why he does what he does.

R.I.P. Renly...:(

I love Brienne's oath to Catelyn...so very well done. I too am looking forward to her scenes with Jaime and I suspect it may be one of the episodes from Book Three that they push forward to include in Season Two. Certainly not all of the storyline - but I expect Jaime to be released well before the season end.
I didn´t like Arya being discovered (as a girl), let alone by Tywn. I understand they have to make changes but that one was not necessary. Same with that nurse and Robb.
The birth of the shadow was so well done. I was wondering what they could possible do to ruin it but I like what they did.

The match was awesome. I stopped working, couldn´t edit anything with sense while watching the extra time and penalties. I think I root for Chelsea now just because I want to see shirtless Drogba and Lampard LOL
IDK the nurse...I thought that was going to be Jeyne (the one he marries) but that just made no sense. The Shadowbaby scene was creepy but not really too scary...I was paranoid I would have nightmares about it but so far no problemn.