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GoT Episode 2.5

So much to enjoy on this week's episode of A Game of Thrones I don't know where to begin...perhaps a top five moments list?

5. The Tyrells regroup with Littlefinger - This scene was completely new - nowhere to be found in the novel. I'm glad it was added and I see how they are developing Margaery's character to ultimately make her the worth adversary she needs to be to face off against Cersei in the not-too-distant future.

4. Tyrion yet again makes short work of Lancel - Who knew Peter Dinklage and Eugene Simon would become such a brilliant comedy team? I hope HBO continues to add or expand on the limited number of Lancel/Tyrion scenes from the novel. We need more comedic respites after those dreadful "Joffrey" moments.

3. Brienne swearing her oath of fealty to Catelyn - Such a humanized take on the classic, traditional and often dull and dreadfully formal knighting/oath ceremony.

2. Tywin and Arya go head to head - Everyone is so intimidated by the legendary Tywin Lannister yet a 10-12 year old girl is the only one who has the guts to stand up to him #respect And for the record, if Arya Stark was a Tribute in the Hunger Games there would be no contest...those 'career's wouldn't know what hit 'em.

1. Jaqen and Arya - beyond a shadow of a doubt this ranks one of my all time fave scenes from the novel and it  carried over so remarkably well to the screen. Loved the tone, the language, the setting, the acting - everything about this scene was perfection. Who doesn't want/need a Jaqen in their lives? Only on A Game of Thrones can a ruthless assassin be considered the 'good guy'.

For those of you who haven't viewed the episode yet both the Tywin/Arya and the Jaqen/Arya scenes are included in this clip...watch it 'cause it really can't get much better than this...

A few criticisms re: Episode 5. I can't say as I'm too pleased with the way they are portraying Asha Yara...I always took her relationship with Theon to be more of a good-natured rivalry. She is needlessly cruel and downright dsirespectful at times on the series...something I never got from her in the books. Maybe the name change is bringing out the b**** factor. IDK. I'm just not a fan of it. Based on this episode I can safely assume there will be no Meera or Jojen Reed. What a shame :( Also, I'd rank the Renly death scene as one of the best scenes of episode five, except that Renly had to die in it...therefore it was too damned depressing to include in my top five list. I guess if he didn't die it would have been too simple and the series could have just ended with Renly winning the war, assuming the Iron Throne, forming viable alliances and eliminating all enemies/evil. And everyone lives happily ever after. The End. See GRRM, it really isn't that difficult...I know you have it in you to give us a happy ending...*prays* I almost forgot to mention...I loved the fact that they changed Loras' reaction to Renly's death re: Brienne. In the book Loras is on a tirade consumed with hatred for Brienne and convinced that she is guilty of the crime whereas in the HBO series he immediately dismisses the idea that Brienne could have killed Renly. I buy the HBO reaction more than the book reaction. Loras of all people would have known how much Brienne worshipped Renly and known that she would never have even remotely considered betraying, injuring or much less killing Renly. It makes so much more sense. That said, I wonder if this change will have any ramifications down the line....
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I am refusing to call Asha 'Yara'. For me the change is too ridiculous and makes 'Yara' sound like 'Arya', which would seem to defeat the purpose of changing the name in the first place. And what if Arya and 'Yara' meet each other in the future? Based on the content of Book Five, in Book Six this is possible.

And the actress who portrays Asha has been made to look quite ugly, where in the books she is supposed to be comely. I don't get it, unless it is because all of the Iron Islanders have been made to look ugly in the series. Not a bad idea at all, visually speaking, since it sets them apart. :)

Alas, the Reeds...I wrote about that in my post today as well. So sad they will not be included. :(

I will really miss Gethin Anthony. He did a truly remarkable job. :(

But Brienne is awesome. I agree that her scene with Cat was wonderful. I can't wait for Brienne to meet Jaime and for the sparks to start flying. I agree that this will probably happen this season, because I think the producers wanted to have him back in the show before viewers (who have not read the books) started asking, "What the hell happened to Jaime Lannister?"

But back to Cat and Brienne...based on what is to come later on (Books 4 & 5) I think that Cat & Brienne need to establish a real bonding. Because I conjecture that Ghost Cat will NOT be killing Brienne in Book Six, but that she will be using her in order to fulfill some mission or other. Or perhaps she WILL kill her but bring her back to life....hooo hooo ha ha...although I think Brienne would be more useful alive and with all her strength. ;)

I didn't get the name change either. Yara not only sounds like Arya but also Yoren. If they had gone by the books there would have been less of a chance for OSHA to meet up with ASHA but who knows where they are going with Osha's storyline now. I wouldn't say the Iron Islanders are ugly...more like they are closer to the wildlings. I think of them as the bridge between the freemen north of the wall and the 'civilized' southerners. Not quite wild, not quite tame. They have their own look and it suites them.

Jaime was thankfully in the preview for next week's episode. I am fully expecting him to be released from his imprisonment well before the final episode so hopefully there will be a good deal of interaction between him and Brienne to carry us over until next season.
I guess it's a visual thing for me. I saw the Iron Island scenes as being very grayish and dark. The people looked unwashed, with tangled, dirty hair and for me, everyone looked so ugly compared to the people in King's Landing, as well as Renly, Margery and Loras, even those at Harrenhal. And especially the scenes north of the Wall, which are so clean and beautiful. And now I've seen Ep. 6 with Jon and Ygritte, who are both lovely....


And not to forget Dany and the Qartheens. Also beautiful. :)

But for sure everyone seems to have their own 'look' and I think it was very smart of the producers to make it that way, so it will be easier to separate the different people from each other.

Let's hope that Jaime will be released in Ep. 7. I think it should happen! Can't wait. :)
Oh, and YES! (I forgot to comment on Tyrion and Lancel.)

PLEASE give us more Tyrion-Lancel scenes! They are a treasure! XD
Have you ever watched this kid's show on Nickelodeon called House of Anubis? Eugene Simon (Lancel) is on that show and he is so adorably funny on it as well. I'm not surprised to see that carry over on to A Game of Thrones.
I've never seen House of Anubis but I must watch it now! Thanks for telling me about it. :)

Love your Lancel and Jaime icons, btw. The gifs are great! :)
It's such a cute kid's show. It is the kind of show you wished was on Saturday mornings when you were young.