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Same old stuff...only this week's version...

Congrats to Real Madrid on their La Liga victory and Juventus on their Serie A victory...I think I would have preferred this to happen about two years ago but hey, I'm still happy for both. No comment required on the debacle that was Napoli this weekend.

The Mad Hatter was back on Once Upon a Time...now if only I could find a way to get him, August and ex-Sherriff Graham on screen together for the season finale I think my fairytale world will be complete. *sigh* A girl can hope. (yes, I'm talking like Jaqen again).

Hear that? Nothing, right? Well that is the sound of a million San/San fans rendered speechless by the Hound rescuing Sansa on this week's episode of A Game of Thrones. I argue it may have been even better than the book version. If that scene didn't break the social media networks, I'm pretty certain Tyrion slapping Joffrey will at least cause Tumblr to explode. It took a brick to hit me over the head before I realized that was Roose Bolton talking to Robb (at least I assume that is who he was since he was talking about sending his 'bastard' to recapture Winterfell). I expected Roose to be a LOT older. Oh hi Ygritte. Adorable. I'm still waiting for the first "You know nothing, Jon Snow." Geez, Jon is so pretty this season...him and Loras need to get together at some point to, ahem, discuss hair products. Jaqen's second kill was completely different from the book. Although I do miss the 'bathing' scene that leads up to the second death, the Arya HBIC moment more than made up for it. Did you see Jaqen's reactions to her demands? LMAO...but of course he complies. Love this pairing. They need to find a way to keep Jaqen around and hopefully expand his role like they did for Osha. Second week in a row, the best scenes were those between Tywin and Arya. Thanks for letting us know about Jaime's dyslexia #factsIdidnotneedtoknowbutfindstrangelyendearing. A lot of minor to somewhat major changes from book to screen as this season progresses. Most of the changes I've been okay with (EXCEPT THE REEDS) but what was with that Dany finale scene? That took me by surprise. I can't say as I recall any of that from the books (the massacre, the stolen dragons, etc). I'm curious to see where they are going with this.

Meanwhile over on the recently-renewed-for-a-third-season-presumably-sans-Juan The Borgias. WTF Micheletto? Where did that come from? Were the writers thinking 'let's see, what haven't we done yet? Oh right, a gay (and presumed incestuous) sex scene in a graveyard.' Well they checked that one off the list last night <_< Nonetheless, it was still not as good, or bad, depending upon how you look at it, as the sex in the corpse of the last supper room. (Sidenote: all my earlier fantasies about Chez circa 5-8 years ago seem so tame in comparison to this stuff...I feel so uncreative). On to Chez and Cat...correct me if I'm wrong but all they did last night was eat and have sex? I really hope that comment didn't sound like I was complaining. After last night I'm pretty sure you can all understand why, about a year or so ago, I kept petitioning for the role of Caterina Sforza. Seriously though, how many sex scenes can there be in one episode of The Borgias? And I was PMSing to boot. I'm pretty sure the writers are trying to torture me. No wait, they would have included some Juan if they wanted to really finish me off. Next week can we go for an entire episode devoted exclusively to Juan's exploits in Spain? BTW this guy who is playing Piero de Medici reminds me of Leonard from TBBT...LOL. Piero is such a dullard...I can't believe he was Il Magnifico's son! No wonder why Machiavelli calls all the shots in Florence. Eek with the Savonarola...so creepy. Can't wait for the Friars in the Fires. Likely given The Borgias penchant for the dramatic it will be quite the extravaganza. Best quote ever on this, and arguably any, show = Caterina Sforza while, err, umm, 'seducing', Chez: "The game is mine, the bed is mine, the choice is mine and for one more night at least you may be mine". *memorizes this for future use*. Best awkward scene NOT involving sex (my, my, so few sex-free scenes to choose from): Chez meeting Micheletto's mom. Thankfully that painfully-saccharine-and-too-cute-for-words version of Chez was later replaced by the butter-knife-wielding-Giovanni-Sforza-heart-ripping-out-vengeance-seeking Chez that I know and love. Fabulous performance by Francois - Chez went through quite the gamut of emotions throughout this episode when he wasn't having sex and Francois carried it off without a hitch. Lastly....where the f*** is Gioffre? I thought Rickon Stark was bad but at least he shows up every now and again. Gioffre is completely MIA and not one mention of concern from any family member. Poor kid...in the scope of things, grading on the Borgia family scale of wickedness, Gioffre is the 'nice' one after all. Doesn't anyone miss him? Then again with a wife like Sancia it's a miracle if the boy ever comes up for air.
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Agree! Twyn and Arya were the best scenes from Sunday episode. And Jaqen obviously LOL. and the end took me by surpirse. I didn´t see that coming at all.

I read that sheriff Graham will be in the finale and August/Pinocchio is in it too, I think he talks to silly Emma about the curse.

Havent seen Borgias yet. but I am all for an episode full of Cesare having sex LOL
I hope you watched The Borgias...it really was something to behold.

Tywin and Arya are just quite simply flawless when they are onscreen together. More please.

What we need is Season Two of Once Upon A Time...like right now.
There were some very strange changes in the last GoT episode (6). But I think they were all made with drama in mind - TV drama as opposed to book drama. Because I think that's why these things are being done.

Am beginning to think that there will be no Jayne Westerling either, and that Robb will marry this Lady Taleesa from Volantis instead. Otherwise, why put her in but leave out the Reeds? Also thinking that if the Tullys are to be left out altogether, then perhaps the Red Wedding not take place but the Freys will somehow manage to kill Robb and Cat in some other way. Would be disappointing in the extreme, though. :(

And the dragons were never stolen from Dany in the book. But I think the producers want to make Dany into someone more sympathetic - they don't want her to be a killer - so instead of having her kill the guy who wants to take the dragons by siccing one of them onto him, the dragons will kill the guy by themselves and flee.

Tywin and Arya were terrific together. I wonder if they will have her meet up with The Hound like in the book? Speaking of The Hound, his rescue of Sansa was wonderful, but she has not yet met with Ser Dontos. They did introduce him in the show during the jousting tournament, but perhaps the producers will have The Hound help Sansa escape instead. Even though that would seem to defeat the purpose of having him then go and try to find Arya so that both girls could be returned to the Lannisters.

So much is being changed it's making my head spin.

The scenes between Jon and Ygritte were wonderful. They were my favourite. She seems so much less annoying than in the book. If she starts with the "You know nothing, Jon Snows," I hope she doesn't say it as much as she did in the books, though. Okay, at the moment Jon may not seem to be the sharpest pencil in the box, but he does have other assets. ;)
I'm wavering considering whether this Lady Taleesa is actually Jeyne Westerling just using another name. There has to be a reason for showing so much of this character. Then again, they show so much of Roz...much to my dismay.

The Red Wedding has to take place...it's one of the most significant scenes in the entire series. I expect they will still have the wedding but the bride and groom will likely change.

I think my roommate mentioned she too thought they would have the Hound help Sansa escape instead. It does make some sense but I hope if that does happen he still does get to meet up with Arya in Season 3. The Arya and the Hound scenes were so good...reminded me of that movie, The Professional. In each book Arya had a pseudo-mentor that helped her grow. Book one was Syrio. Book two was Jaqen. Book three was the Hound. I hope that HBO sticks to it...even though I love all the added Tywin and Arya scenes for this year. So much character development in those scenes.

I'm honestly not enjoying tv Jon Snow. It seems as though they really have dumbed down his character so much. Kit Harington is great to look at though so I suppose I can forgive HBO.
Here's what I thought: there will be no Jayne Westerling because that way two more characters can be eliminated, there could be viewer confusion because of the identical names 'Jayne Poole' and 'Jayne Westerling', and the Tullys can be eliminated altogether if it's Robb and Taleesa who are to be the married couple. Walder Frey could propose to Catelyn that Robb and Taleesa get married at his house as a sign that he has forgiven Robb for setting his own daughter aside, then they can be killed as in the book.

And right, that Dontos can be left out (although they have already shown him at the tournament) and have The Hound help Sansa escape could work. The only thing that bothers me is that he would then have to be in cahoots with Littlefinger, since he will be giving Sansa into his care once she's out of King's Landing. However, that could work I suppose. Then Sandor can be on his way to find Arya.

I love that Arya has all these pseudo mentors, and it's true that The Hound will be able to teach her more skills.

Tywin and Arya are wonderful together, and I don't mind that much that Tywin is totally out of character (from the Book Tywin) because so many characters ARE being shown out of character. Cersei, for instance. And that brings me to JON. Yes, I thought it was amusing in Ep. 6 when both Qhorin and Ygritte accused him of being stupid. But to carry that on and make him look like a total fool is just WRONG. However, I think that this gross error should be righted and is probably being done to show how he grows over the course of the series. He definitely has a dark side to him, which will come out more when he kills Qhorin, unless they change that too, and have either Ygritte or Mance Rayder do it.

And one more thing - silent prayer to HBO - please, yes, let us have Kit Harrington be naked in at least one scene. Please.

That's all. ;)
Ii am glad I didn't read the ASOFAI books because I cannot be disappointed or frustrated with any of the scenes in the show. I love Jaqen he's fabulous and in some strange way kinda cute...I keep thinking I've seen him somewhere before! Arya's scenes are the best imho right now. I am also enjoying Tywin , Lansel and Loras/Renly of course (how I miss my King). I can't stand Joffrey or Theon. Dany I could take or leave right now but I think maybe as you said her parts in the novels are slow so that would not make for good tv so to add drama make someone steal the dragons and she has to get them back...who will help her is what I'm wondering!

As for Chez please "strip him, bathe him, send him to my tent" as that icon you once had said! You can't get enough of Francoise he is doing such a wonderful job as Chez! I like him and Cat too bad that couldn't have lasted...I do miss Juan though....hope they're bringing him back from Spain soon. But idk about Mick there....he's a strange bird. I think The Borgias were loosing the sex warn with AGOT in terms of "gay sex" so they had to add their own and with a twist...very twisted imho.

Hala Madrid!
Jaqen is so cool. They need to find a way to keep him around. And hopefully Tywin doesn't leave Harrenhal too soon...I so look forward to his scenes with Arya.

Theon and Joffrey got nothing on Ramsay Bolton...just sayin' (or perhaps, warning). Actually I am much more sympathetic to tv Theon than I ever was to book Theon. When I read this book (the second book that is what is being aired right now as Season Two), Theon became my most hated character. I loathed him with a passion. TV Theon I really just feel sad for him...

There should be a warning on The Borgias, perhaps a countdown..."please note, Cesare will be wearing leather pants in 5, 4, 3, 2, 1..." No one this side of Jim Morrison has ever looked so good in black leather pants. Juan is back next week...but it won't be pretty...it's all downhill from here for him :(