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On set with Lost Girl...

Not sure if anyone one my FList is a fan but for the past two days the tv series Lost Girl has been filming on my block just outside my building. I haven't seen any of the cast - only a fleet of equipment vehicles and lots of crew members milling about doing nothing in particular. Today they posted a sign directing the cast and crew to the entrance of my building's underground parking which was deemed to be the "cast and crew entrance for scene two" or something to that effect. The "lunch" for the series was held in the community centre adjacent to my building. I'll let you know if I see anyone or anything worthwhile. And niviene, I'll try to remember not to call him "Dexter" if I see him...LOL

PS...you know I will be stalking the area for JCB when they begin filming The Mortal Instruments in August. I'm about 99% certain they will film some part of that movie near my building. They always film down here whenever there is a movie shoot in Toronto. Ah, the benefits of living in old town Toronto.
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DYSON not Dexter!!! LMAO

Both Anna & Kris (aka Dyson/Dexter) were in the scene! I wish Ksenia was filming cuz her character is my fav.
Though this was cool, make me want to move to the building again...