A quick summary of what happened over the past week:
  • Saw Prince Charles & Camilla in person...they were about 2 feet away from me. FYI - they look OLDER in person (not that that is a bad thing)
  • Napoli won the Coppa Italia which somewhat redeems their season
  • Nice victory for Chelsea in the Champions League...should have been Real Madrid or Napoli but hey, there is always next year
  • Tickets to Odysseo by Cavalia have been purchased...I'll let you know afterwards how the show is, in comparison to say, Cirque du Soleil
  • I have penciled in the Picasso exhibit at the AGO for sometime in June
  • Taking a skills upgrade course through George Brown DE - it is almost a waste of my time though since it really isn't challenging me one iota. Seriously, the first week assignment was to answer three basic questions in less than three sentences each. It took me all of maybe five minutes at most to complete the assignment. I so miss uni right now and REAL assignments
  • And yes I have another job...from hockey to rugby. I start in two weeks…. quidquid...So now all that money I saved is being converted to RRSPs, savings and a whirlwind shopping spree!! Woohoo. I just wish I could actually take the money and go on a legit vacation but now I don't have the time for it.
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Yay on the job....congrats (although I wished you that already lol). At least it's less work and you won't be stressed by stupidity as your new boss (from what you said) sounds reasonably logical.