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Quick update of recent viewings:

The Avengers - sadly I have to admit I thought it was overrated - good but not nearly as GREAT as everyone is expected Loki was the highlight. I could give or take the rest. Captain America was likeable. And Gwyneth Paltrow should have had a bigger part...just sayin'

Dark Shadows - it had some very humorous moments but overall it was just okay - fab soundtrack though…70s music can't be topped

Battleship - much like The Avengers this movie took forever for the plot to develop. They could have edited about 20-30 mins and it would have been a much more effective film IMO. The aliens were not too bright nor, for that matter, were the humans so it made it difficult for you to really cheer for either side. Still it wasn't that bad...typical summer popcorn movie

Midnight in Paris - (finally got a chance to see this!!). Arguably the best movie I've seen since Hugo…Only thing wrong with the movie was the ending. I simply didn't want it to end.

Pillars of the Earth (rewatch) seems like everyone in this cast kept popping up unexpectedly in other movies/shows I have watched over the past few days. Alison Pill in Midnight in Paris, Tony Curran on Hawaii Five-0 and Sarah Parish on The Hatfields and McCoys). It's actually a little unsettling how I can't get away from these people. I suspect Eddie Redmayne and Hayley Attwell will show up anytime now…and I am already bracing myself for Sam Claflin in Snow White and the Huntsman. (sidenote: most of this cast is pretty much up there on my list of fav actors/actresses anyway so I really shouldn't complain: Alison, Sarah, Tony, Eddie, Matthew Macfayden, of course David...geez they are all so very good…). After watching the conclusion again I can't help but think justice was not really served. Yes ultimately the 'bad guys' were punished and the 'good guys' were rewarded but really it took them what 17 years total for all this to occur....hardly fair. Long live Queen Maud.

The Hatfields and The McCoys on The History episode in and I'm totally hooked

The Blackwater episode of GOT was brilliance...Pod you are the man! Loved Ser Loras' grand entrance...all that was missing was a wind machine and a 'L'Oreal, because I’m worth it' caption. If only they could have spent more time on San/San…*le sigh* - still good though. Since the Ser Dontos plot was removed for the HBO series it makes it difficult to understand why the heck Sansa didn't leave with Sandor. Only one episode left and then the arduous wait for Season 3. What must happen next week (spoilers): the accolades from Joffrey, Dany in the House of the Undying, the siege of Winterfell part II (the arrival of Ramsay Bolton??) and the escape of the little lords, Qhorin vs Jon, hopefully 'Arstan Whitebeard' will make his appearance….and MOST IMPORTANTLY, Valar Morghulis!!!

No Borgias this week...what is this savagery??? Let's just reflect on the brilliance of Machiavelli from the most recent episode. When Nico swiped that book from the pile of vanities I couldn't have been more thoroughly satisfied by such a single act of defiance....brilliant!! (I'm actually surprised I made it through the Bonfire of the Vanities without weeping).

No one told me that there was going to be a Merlin marathon of Season Four on Space on Victoria Day. That came as a pleasant surprise. I'm still pissed off that they killed off Isolde. I would have loved to have them as recurring characters in Season Five.

And finally the right person, Phil Phillips, won American Idol...unfortunately. He would have been better off if he hadn't he is stuck into a contract and obliged to perform that crap ass song that the Idol overlords have created for him
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good times....good times....

And I really didn't want Midnight in Paris to end :(

I liked the Avengers but would not say its the best... opting to not see Dark Shadows via the movies and wait until it makes its TV debut... don't think its worth the $$$$$ to see on a big screen