Margaery + Loras

'Cause Loras is worth it....

Re: my comments earlier this week on Loras' grand arrival....seriously, it's like someone on Tumblr read my mind....

Further to my comments in that same post re: cast of Pillars of the Earth, a young Eddie Redmayne showed up today while I was watching the Helen Mirren HBO Elizabeth I who is next??

I can't believe I had to wait a full two weeks for another episode of The the meantime here is the preview....

That's right, throw the blame of this 'ignominious defeat' onto Chez + typical of Juan. Just say 'Ludovico Sforza' and all  will be forgiven...ego te absolvo. BTW, I think that might be the first time anyone on The Borgias actually referred to Ludovico as "Il Moro". I have to say though I think I prefer Chez's method of siege over Juan's...but I guess it wasn't that good since Cat didn't surrender in the end...LOL.  Just curious, I assume since Chez is supposed to (a) siege Forli (b) kill Crezia's lover and (c) contract syphilis, I'm betting NONE of it happens now #causeallofChez'scraphasfallenonJuaninstead. Next year I'm certain Chez will be delivering roses to Carlotta in France, becoming bff with Alfonso of Aragon (or d'Este...however Showtime history wants to play this one out) and playing footsies with Cat in Castel sant'angelo. *rolls eyes*
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OMG Ser Loras L'Oreal..OMG LOVES!!!

Sometimes knowing too much about certain parts of history makes it really hard when tv/movies don't stick to it and you're left going "wtf just happened here...that's not the way it's supposed to be."