Doctor Who - Dear LJ

So here's what I've been up to...

The summer has vanished far too quickly. I'm trying to remember everything I did but really, it wasn't that much. I wish I hadn't started my new job until now. I would have liked to have had the summer off. Oh well. What do I remember most about this summer, hmm...let's see.

Definitely this was The Summer of Who...that is, the summer I discovered Doctor Who which has quickly become my favourite show. I blame the SPACE channel for this flat out obsession. You see Rogers finally caved and made the SPACE channel available in HD. It quickly became the default station on my tv when nothing was on...and in the summer, that pretty much is all the time. The Doctor Who sunday marathons turned out to be some of the best days of the summer for me. Strange but true...I could go on and on about Doctor Who but I'm certain there will be more in future posts. Be warned...

The summer (or should I say early Fall) of no soccer. Rogers giveth and Rogers taketh away. I guess I shouldn't really blame Rogers. I just don't seem to know what is going on with the football coverage. GOL TV is awol when in comes to the Spanish league while The Score and EuroSportsWorld don't seem to bother with the Italian league anymore. The only station I can rely on is RAI and that is for one Italian game a week and usually it does not involve a team I want to see. Looks like I will be without soccer for the season :(

The Twitter war for my heart. I've mentioned before that I have certain fav celebs that I follow on Twitter. Not necessarily are they my fav actors or actresses...I just find their tweets entirely amusing. In particular, Eoin Macken, Finn Jones, Eugene Simon, Burkely Duffield, Jamie Campbell Bower, Kevin Zegers to name a few. In most cases, I never cared that much about these actors until I started following them. At this point though I need to specifically mention Tom Hiddleston and David Oakes...I swear those two seem to have an ongoing Twitter battle as to who can be more appealing to me. They just seem to both LOVE everything I am interested in. It's like one of those cliche movies where the guy gets hold of the girl's diary and starts saying and doing all the things he knows she will like. It's actually pretty funny at times...especially when they both start talking about Simon and Garfunkel or quoting Shakespeare or reading F. Scott Fitgerald. LOL, those two...where were they when I was younger????

Sam Claflin...I can't, no. UGGHHH. Really??? *shakes head* When I heard the rumours he would play Finnick I cringed. Every movie I have seen him in he has been only mediocre at best. In the brilliant cast that was for Pillars of the Earth ( namely Tony Curran, Sarah Parish, Matthew MacFayden, Eddie Redmayne, Alison Pill...who are all now right up there in my favs selections) Sam was arguably the ONLY person I actually disliked in that series. He didn't do anything for me in Pirates or in Snow White. I thought he was mediocre in The Lost Future...but I recall that he was reasonably good looking and not that I guess that would be the highest praise I gave him at the time. Then again, I may be confusing him with the other actor in that movie. I can't remember the movie that well so that should give you an idea of the impression he left upon me. FINNICK ODAIR!! HELL NO!! I keep trying to get used to him in the role...envisioning him as Finnick. I keep checking Tumblr posts for something that may turn me in his favour but to date it hasn't happened. The only consolation I have is that I honestly don't believe any actor out there today, ASIDE FROM FINN JONES who is too busy working on GOT right now could actually play Finnick. Good luck with that, Sam.

The Mortal Instruments - the movie is now filming here in Toronto. I have yet to bump into JCB or anyone on the set but in the past 15 days of filming I can pretty much tell you exactly where in the city all the filming took place. I'm seriously considering taking people on TMI tours around Toronto to view the various movie locations once the film gets released. If it does even half as well as Twilight I could make a forture. On that note, I sincerely doubt it will even make a quarter of what Twilight made.

The Ex - well I do go every year around my birthday and this year was no different. Same old, same old. Did some shopping. Ate some food. Attended the Styx tribute band concert. Excellent weather...good times.

TIFF - since I just started my new job I really can't take any time off to enjoy TIFF but it is definitely on the agenda for next year. I hope McAvoy and Fassbender show up. That'll be a riot. Still I would have loved to have seen Emily Blunt and Marion Cotillard last night. Ah well...The problem with TIFF now is that they are focusing on too many mainstream films. All the big name movies are being released here first and yes you can go to the gala screenings here for $40...or you can just wait a couple of weeks and see the movies in regular release for $7.50-$13. No offense but really I'd rather just see it in a normal theatre without all the bells and whistles.

Fall TV - I can't believe Grimm is already in full progress...three episode in. That's so great. I wish more shows would start up sooner rather than later. Looking forward to the new seasons of Person of Interest, Hawaii Five 0, Once Upon a Time, Big Bang Theory, Two Broke Girls and Whitney. I could give or take the rest. As for reality tv...if I have time and nothing else is on I'll watch The Voice and The Amazing Race. American Idol won't be back until the winter but I'm not even sure I want to watch it with Mariah Carey and Nicky Minaj as judges....*scary* Of course Doctor Who season 7 premiere was last week. There will be four more episodes and then by by to the Ponds :(

Looking forward to the Fall - lots of things to do and see. After recently attending the National Ballet exhibit and tutu displays, I'm excited to go the ballet again this November for Alice in Wonderland. Cirque du Soleil is back with Amaluna and I will be seeing that show in mid to late October. Hart House Theatre is presenting Rosencrantz and Guildenstern are Dead so that is on tap for early October. Pure + Simple's midnight madness sale is in two weeks and the Whole Life Expo is in November. It's shaping up to be a busy, busy fall!!

I think that covers off everything of relevance. So maybe now I can go back to regular, and hopefully shorter, postings...

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