Strange Women...

On how I spend my money...

Let me just get this out of the was bloody cold this morning going to work. I'm not ready for cold weather. Please go away.

So here's a quick update on some shopping ventures over the last week. Purchased the Doctor Who Series 1 DVDs and Series 5 and 6 Blu Rays along with the entire series of Robin Hood (BBC version) basically I'm gonna be watching the entire Doctor Who series, in order...\o/ So far I'm really enjoying Ecclestone as the Doctor...but he isn't as good as Tennant. To be fair, the show itself was just in its infancy and Chris didn't get quite the juicy scripts that Tennant and Smith have enjoyed during their terms. quidquid...I still like Chris.

Yesterday I was at the Eaton Centre for the 30% off sale at RW where I picked up some leggings and tops (and some classical cds). Aside from that I walked into FutureShop and was floored to see the dvds for season two of The Borgias. Umm, there was zero news about that release. And what is worse, I of course want the Blu Ray versions but there is absolutely NO info anywhere about a release of the Blu Ray in Canada. UK is allegedly releasing a region-free version in early November (with a much nicer cover than the Canadian DVD version, I might add). If there is no news on the Blu Rays by then I'll be ordered from Britain. That's good timing since it will probably take about that long to get through all the Who and Hood episodes. Oooh, I forgot to check on Merlin Season 4...that must be coming out soon too.

The big purchase of the weekend = Amaluna, Cirque du Soleil, tickets. I'll be going on Saturday, October 20th. I'm really looking forward to this show since it is based on The Tempest and features an 80% female cast which is a huge departure for the predominantly male Cirque shows.
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ooh so you´re going to watch Joe Amstrong in Robin Hood. never watched the series but now I am looking for it after watching him as Hotspot in The Hollow Crown. Talented and sexy, my favorites LOL
I can't wait to watch the Hollow hasn't aired here in Canada yet and I suspect it won't be on till late 2012 or early 2013. It sounds amazing!!

I've seen most of Season 1 and 2 of Robin Hood already and a few episodes of Season 3 but it was always random...they never aired the show properly here. I want to watch it in order. Joe Armstrong was fantastic in it. I like Richard Armitage though and well, ya, the whole cast is actually pretty great come to think of it.