Where do people get the money from??

Just an observation here... I have a decent job and make a decent salary. I can possibly save a few of hundred dollars on a good month. I don't buy a lot of clothes. I don't have a car nor do I have a cell phone. I NEVER eat at restaurants. I don't drink. I don't have any lavish expenses. I don't go to too many movies and when I do it is at the discounted matinee rate. I maybe go to about 5-7 plays or concerts total each year and most of those are only $25 for tickets so that is hardly a major expense. I haven't taken a trip out of the country within the past ten years. And I don't have any debt.

Explain to me please how everyone and their brother has a cell phone? It isn't exactly a cheap monthly expense. As much as I'd like to have one I honestly can't afford it...not unless I skimp on grocery money or the cable bill. And people manage to go away on vacation every year. Granted it is some el cheapo trip to Florida or Mexico or Cuba or some other blah place. Plus they all OWN houses and have dependents that they need to take care of.  I just can't figure out how they are doing it. Are they all in debt? Are they making money on the side? If there is some secret please let me in on it.
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I like your logic and I'd love to use my savings on the stuff I want but alas right now I am not able to take vacation because I started a new job...a job that pays a lot less than what I used to make, a job that I can't say as I like that much and can't guarantee I won't quit. At least I have a few months savings right now so in case of an emergency.

I know! I have thought the same thing for ages! My son Jamie has a cell phone and it costs him at least $80 per month. But he doesn't have a land line. My husband and I have a land line and a cell phone that we share. They are both through Rogers and each are $30 per month for a total of $60. We don't have texting or other such things on the cell phone and stick to a $30 per month plan on it. But I work with a woman whose daughter has 4 kids, two of them in their teens and she has bought them smartphones that cost $650 each!!!! I believe she uses her husband's bonuses or something to do that. Either that or she saves her kids' baby bonuses. It's totally ridiculous. But they live very cheaply otherwise and so they save on other things, like food, clothing, entertainment, etc.

I find that most people with phones of this sort are so addicted to them that they spend every minute of every day with their phones stuck to them in some way...either right in their hands or else in a pocket or right beside them on their desks at work. They probably don't do anything else except fiddle with their phones all day long. Therefore the phone is probably the only thing they have to pay for.

I don't know.... :(
I guess if giving your teens $650 smartphones is a priority then who am I to question why? They must have their reasons. Cell phones, or I guess really smartphones, are addictive but in the scope of things they aren't really that bad for you...not like wasting your money on gambling or drugs or something truly harmful.
The more I thought about it the more I realized that the mother in question has four boys, two of whom are teenagers and only the one computer. The oldest son needs to use it for school, and the second oldest is the one with the $650 smartphone. With that phone he can access the internet and doesn't need to use the computer so much. I guess that was her reasoning, although $650 does seem awfully excessive still. :(
I guess that does help but then there are all the monthly fees for data access via smartphone. Probably just as easy to buy an addl computer/laptop for home and hook that up to the home internet. Who knows...maybe they obtained a great data plan which makes it more appealing than having another computer.
I think the average person is so addicted to their cell phones that they will do anything to pay the expense so they skimp on other things such as food and they live in really crappy areas and pay cheap rent/mortgages on their houses and they are not the ones going on vacation and they certainly don't save $$ and are most likely drowning in debt with several creditors and of course if they have kids then they'll just perpetuate the cycle. Then there are some people depending on their jobs (corporation or self-employed) can expense them for work purposes while others (usually older) don't have mortgages any more, have savings incl retirement plans, vacation constantly in some cheap and some expensive places and they usually have very cheap cell phone plans because they don't need all the fancy tech stuff younger people do. Let us not forget there are the rich or semi-rich who can afford these things as they're usually professionals working in large corporations, institutions, big industries or self-employed and whether they are single or two income family at this level they can afford whatever they know the Doctors, lawyers, politicians, CEOs, self-made millionaires etc....

I don't have's a luxury at today's rates plus I don't want people at work being able to call me day and night and expecting me to be available at all hours. If I did have one it would be for emergencies or for important calls only. When I did have it I had it off almost all the time unless it was for a few certain people including you LOL

Better to have a cheaper land phone line and save $$ for other things.....

Although I'm not sure how much longer "land lines" will be available at the way cell technology is moving....some of the things that 'smart' phones can do just screams BIG BROTHER (not the TV show lol)!

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I pity the ones who have their phones covered by seems like you are obligated to respond 24/7 then. I can understand for doctors but anyone else it is just for prestige IMO. If the company can afford to give you a cell phone that is a perk...that somehow makes their organization stand out from the rest. I myself wouldn't consider it a perk...give me more vacation days and a decent pension play. Who care about a phone...LOL