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Doctor Who Stamps....

Two days into the New Year. I wonder how many resolutions have already been broken.

I’ve been doing some online shopping…well, not really…more like ‘online window browsing’….and naturally this item grabbed my attention:

After almost fifty years of watching Doctor Who, we’ve learned that the Doctor can appear at any time and any place, particularly when you’re not expecting him. But we know where he’ll be appearing in March 2013: on a UK envelope.

Every incarnation of the Doctor will be getting his own Royal Mail 1st class stamp. Doctor Who’s main baddies, the Cybermen, the Daleks, the Ood, the Weeping Angels, all encircling the TARDIS, will be getting a 2nd class stamp.

Here is a pic of the collection:

Some random thoughts:

  • Chris looks like he is ready to kill someone...I would have preferred that geeky grin of his that just seems so terribly out of character but yet adorably cute
  • David looks bemused….like "orly, I’m surprised it actually took you this long to put my image on a stamp…Allons-y”
  • Matt looks like he is in shock over the fact that his face is actually going to be on a stamp...and still further shock that they couldn’t find a more flattering photo of him
  • Too bad they couldn’t make “Companion” stamps as well…sign me up for a Captain Jack stamp pronto!!
  • The sheer terror of receiving an envelope in the mail with the Weeping Angel stamp on it…."that which holds the image of an angel becomes itself an angel"…..*runs to shredder*...I don’t suppose you could use that excuse to not open and therefore not pay your bills?
I have signed up to be notified when these stamps are available and YES they will be available for overseas purchase...coming March 2013.
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I so want these!

Matt - "Holy sh*t I look old and I'm on a stamp wtf!"'

Chris - "Try it and see what tangling with The Doctor is like!"

David - "Oh yeah I look great!"

And srsly does the UK post office not watch the show?....because..."That which holds the image of an Angel becomes itself an Angel" so I suggest that nobody blink when looking at the stamp with the weeping angel on it...just sayin'!
Actually David is 'OH YES...I AM BEAUWWWWTIFUL"...and I'm certain you read that in his voice...LOL

Weeping Angels....the horror, the horror...and then there is the weeping angel cat...LOL