Snow White

So the New Year, let's just start it all over again...

Back to work today after a somewhat unenjoyable start to 2013. My roommate niviene was admitted to the hospital for minor surgery. That there really any such thing as 'minor surgery'? You still have to go to the hospital, have the surgery and recover - it is a long and somewhat painful process. Thankfully everything went well and she is now finally recovering comfortably at home.So if that isn't enough, guess what happens... I go and get the flu complete with aches and pains, total exhaustion and temperatures in the low 100s. Not exactly the best companion for someone who is recovering from surgery. When it rains it pours. I haven't been sick in years. If I recall, I think the last time I had the flu was maybe about 10 years ago. That achy feeling and the high temperature is over with thankfully but now I still sound congested and I am maybe operating at about 80%. My boss has the same thing - got it the same time as me. Went home on Thursday night and was sick off and on all weekend. Just when he thought he was better it got worse...again, sort of similar to what I experienced. Well at least it let me stay home with niviene when she needed me...or I needed her or...or however you want to look at it. I'm just glad it is close to being over for both of us. I want to get back to being normal, happy and healthy.
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You have no idea how thankful I am that you were ya!
Strange as it seems but as sick as we both were it was kind of nice to just be at home, hanging out and not stressing about work for a change.
I haven't thought about work at all except that I feel not ready to go back....I actually don't care right now what's going on there only about healing me first for a change!