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2013 Book List...

  1. January 1-6 - Crimson Frost, Jennifer Estep - I started out thinking this series was silly but now I'm addicted...can't wait for the next one...LOL that LOKI is the villain. BTW, this series was tailor made for the CW...just sayin'
  2. January 7-13 - Reached, Allie Condie - een though the final glitch that was thrown into this series seemed a bit obvious, the overall the ending of the Matched trilogy was positive, much more satisfying than the conclusion to The Hunger Games trilogy
  3. January 14...- Blackbringer, Laini Taylor
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Good luck with the list.....

I never do this....I should...but I never do....maybe I should....nah!
I kept the list last year (2012 book list) and it turns out I read 35 books...I always hope that I will read 50 but somehow I doubt that will ever happen (especially if I'm taking classes)
Now that I'm taking that Uni writing class I'll have less time to read but more time to write lol