Is this really the best you have to offer me?

This arrived in the mail....

I weep for Finnick Odair fans everywhere...*cringes*

His 'acting' better be up to par...even though I didn't like him in Pillars of the Earth (in fact I think he was the ONLY person I didn't enjoy in that mini series), or in Pirates of the Caribbean, or in Snow White and the Huntsman....At least he was tolerable in The Lost Future... oh hurrah! A solid 1 outta 4! *attempts to remain open-minded and optimistic* *fails*

P.S. I admit I originally disliked James McAvoy when I first started watching his movies...O_O. So by default does that mean circa 5-10 years from now Sam Claflin will be one of my fav actors?
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Hm....should have been Finn Jones or someone unknown.....I can see where some fangirls will be unhappy.

Even Alex Pettyfer would have been a better choice albiet marginally but still....
I find it hard to believe that there isn't some unknown actor out there that was more suited to the role. But that said, I am holding out that he can carry it off.