Two of my fav shows...and a not-so-positive look at two of my fav men on them...

Two great previews for you today….first, Once Upon A Time. There are I think three or even four trailers floating around out there for this weekend’s episode but this one’s my fav….

OK seriously…the guy is completely beaten up, in the hospital, in great pain AND yet he still is able to flirt better than 99% of the men out there….That said, no matter how flawlessly hot Cpt Hook is, Rumpelstiltskin > Hook. What Hook did last week was UNFORGIVEABLE…

In regards to this upcoming episode, why bring back Dr. Frankenstein NOW? And really, do you need another hiatus after this weekend? I was just getting back in to the series and now another break. *pouts*

Second preview…it’s almost like someone out there heard my pleas. I was just saying how I haven’t heard anything about the new season of The Borgias then suddenly comes a premiere date ( April 14) and a preview to boot…

My preliminary thoughts on Season 3 of The Borgias:

Am I looking forward to another season of the historical propagation of the first family of the Renaissance?  Well all historical accuracy was thrown out the door in Season 1 so not much hope there. Juan? Sadly, that character met his demise at the end of last season. There was a time when I would have jumped with glee to see him disposed of but the thought of The Borgias sans David Oakes is somewhat disenchanting. So I suppose now all I can hope for is them to finally do something positive with CESARE…they only have one of the most brilliant and charismatic men in history and to work with and yet they have managed over two seasons to complete gloss over his allure reducing him to be a somewhat insignificant (and arguably least important) member of the family and an irrelevant role player within the Renaissance in general. He tries but yet his only memorable moments seem to be his doomed love affairs (with his sister, a really annoying nun and an enigmatic virago), the cannonball switcheroo and the creation of a vigilante posse. What a shame as this nowhere near encompasses the depth of Cesare Borgia. Please make him mature….please turn him into the true mastermind that made me love him in the first place. If not, and since their historical accuracy is so 'hazy' at best, I am hoping Cat completely takes over. At this point she stands a better chance of uniting Italy than any of those other idiots. Oh gods, and on that note, please more Nico....and am I wrong or is it not finally time we got some Leo as well? Ho hum....at least Chez is pretty and his hair is well, super fluffy now....*rolls eyes*

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the guy is completely beaten up, in the hospital, in great pain AND yet he still is able to flirt better than 99% of the men out there

omgs....so true *shakes fist at Hook*! Emma is just brilliant in it too! I love the way Hook flinches as Emma threatens to hurt him. I could watch this clip over and over. And the lines Hooks says about Belle is where Rumple keeps his heary and where Emma points out how Rumple has the upper hand and she's betting he's dead guy of the year are awesome!

Yes what Hook did to Belle & Rumple is unforgivable but I'm betting Belle get's her memory back (unless they go the LOST Charlie and Claire route which I hope not).

This episode looks so good and they're doing it half in colour and half in b+w (Frankenstein scenes) so it will be fantastic! Can't wait to watch it!

As for the Borgia's omgs what is with Cesare and Lucrezia incest scenes? They were better off when it was vaguely implied as in the beginning of the series. There was no poof historically and I feel your frustrations about the show being historically inaccurate...it mares an otherwise good series....stick to facts first then embellish what isn't known or may have happened to give the story/plot impact and that will add mystery, intrigue, action, adventure, lust and romance etc etc. Then again I am not the writers...maybe they didn't read much about his life, the Renaissance, the Papacy or even Machiavelli's The Prince!

Cesare is juicy enough that you don't need to fudge facts or weaken his character...there's enough material on his life to run all kinds of fantastic story lines for years to come. Plus the Vatican didn't sweep their lives under the rugs for nothing did they? Guess we'll see where the series goes from here....

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Actually I thought about what Hook did to B+R...does Hook even realize what he did/caused? I"m certain he knows now but at the time did he realize that if Belle (or anyone) passed the boundary line they would lose their memory? I don't think he was aware of the 'curse'. But then again, I'm like 99% certain he would have still done it even if he knew about the curse. Bastard.

I do like the idea of a B+W episode re: Frankenstein. The B+W always add so much character to a film/show especially old school horror films (think of Dracula when we were privileged to see it in B+W...I still think it was total mistake by the channel that was airing it but it turned out that it made the movie much better than when you see it in colour).

OK sadly ppl love the Chez and Crezia incest. quidquid...and incest seems to be the popular trend in tv these days although why IDK

So true re: Chez and the Borgias in general...their lives do not need any embellishment. They were interesting/wild enough without any changes or additions required. Granted their true history could hardly ever be deemed accurate - it is so tainted by the stories of their enemies who in turn shaped history themselves. We only get what is deemed to be a reflection of the history - edited by enemy eyes. I've said it a billion times but what the Borgias did, basically, any powerful Italian family did as well...so don't judge. Yes Rodrigo certainly didn't do things you would expect from a Pope and most of those things were viewed in a negative light...but my gosh, he let a WOMAN rule in his absence. He had a great respect/tolerance for other religions and for tradition/history. He loved his family to death. He valued education and intelligence. There were many great traits in this man - ones that are painfully lacking in some of the religious leaders today. It almost seems hypocritical of the Catholic Church to negatively judge him (and his family family for that matter). OK STOP...no more ranting. But you get the idea.

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I'm 99% sure Hook knew about the town borderline, the curse and B+R etc otherwise he wouldn't have said the line about Rumple's heart residing in Belle...

Yes he is a pretty bastard and if he hadn't know he'd have done it just as soon as he knew...beguiling evil is what Hook is...

I didn´t like the borgias trailer that much. there`s no need for the incest to be shown, if that is what really happened. no one knows for real.
then, is the kid lucrezia´s son? wasn´t the cardinal in real life then a pope? they can`t change that even if they changed several historic things!! and I still hate cesare´s hair. lol.

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The whole incest thing is annoying...they don't need to show it. There is no 100% historical validity to it so they should just hint at it which is what everyone else does anyway. Keep it like that and its fine. But I'm certain they are doing it for shock value...and to placate all the shippers out there...UGH

Lucrezia had a bunch of children presumably by her respective three husbands (again lots of rumours as to whether or not they were really the fathers). The Pope was indeed elected from the Cardinals (still is, if I'm correct).

Lets not even discuss Chez's hair...
I meant the cardinal that has tried to kill Rodrigo, can't remember his name at all, but it appears in the trailer that Rodrigo is killing him...but if memory serves me right I am sure that cardinal was a pope several years after the borgia family ruled there. why on earth I can't remember his name?!!!
and have you seen cardinal Sforza in "The hour"?! the moment I saw him, not only I thought how hot he was *yeah, believe me* but also that I knew that face so much but couldn't place him. So I searched the cast and his filmography and it was the cardinal!! :)

I realized I miss Juan too. :(
I think you mean Cardinal della Rovere (Colm Feore in the series)...he later becomes Pope Julius II, the one who had all the conflicts with Michelangelo over the Sistine Chapel.

I don't watch The Hour but it's always so funny when someone minor from a show you like pops up in another series or movie and then you spend hours trying to figure out where you know that person from. Thankfully there is IMDB to help out.