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Sunday was the final day of the James Bond exhibit at TIFF Bell Lightbox. I popped by to see some of the props and memorabilia for this 50 Years of Bond celebration. Now I’m not a huge James Bond fan by any means. I find Bond enjoyable enough but it’s not my fav. I do have my preferences though within the Bond franchise (Goldfinger, Goldeneye, A View to a Kill, Man with the Golden Gun…). That said, seeing Oddjob’s bowler hat along with a full replica Shirley Eaton (Golden Girl) was particularly cool. No Sean Bean tribute though…meh…The costumes are always the highlight of the exhibits. It just amazes me how small some of the actresses are. And usually I just want to go home with all the dresses since they look like they would fit me perfectly. Same thing happened with the Game of Thrones exhibit (I am still holding out for Mel’s red dress). No different with the Bond girl clothing. That said…yikes, Halle Berry’s orange bikini bottoms were huge…definitely a size large (maybe size 10-12)!! Vesper/Eva Green’s dresses were a lot smaller than I expected. Best dress though had to be the Tiffany Case/Jill St. John’s purple one from Diamonds are Forever… I thought Daniel Craig was stocky but based on the jackets Sean Connery was a lot stockier...or maybe the jackets weren't as tailored...meh. Ooh and they had some of Ben Whishaw’s “Q” memorabilia on display, including his glasses….*swoon*. After the walk through of the exhibit, it was decided that there is a need for a James Bond marathon and perhaps a blu ray purchase is the not-too-distant future.

Upstairs at the TIFF Bell Lightbox was the X-Men exhibit. Granted it was geared towards the first X-Men series – not the current Fassbender/McAvoy series. The makeup and special effects gear on display was definitely worth the trip. From the entire cast’s contact lenses, to Mystique’s and Nightcrawler’s body art, to Wolverine’s talons, to replica facial casts, that stuff was just plain creepy and spectacular at the same time. The exhibit is free and takes about a half hour to go through…longer if you want to stay to watch all the videos including the intricate details of how the body art is applied…but if you are in the Toronto area I highly recommend a visit.

So when is the 50 Years of Doctor Who display? Anyone, anyone….

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I was happy a) I was well enough to go and out of the hospital and b) we didn't miss it as it was the last day!