What I hope to be attending in 2013....

2013 is set to be a great season for theatre productions in and around Toronto.  Not sure if I’ll be seeing all these productions due to time and financial restrictions but they sure as heck sound like they are worth attending and are definitely of interest to me.

The Frogs: A New Musical by Stephen Sondheim (UofT Theatre/Trinity College Dramatic Society – Jan 22-26)

OK so this one is based on the Aristophanes play about Dionysus…”Dionysus, God of Wine and Drama, believes that a great playwright can inspire his people and save Greece from imminent collapse. So, he sets off to the Underworld to bring George Bernard Shaw back from the dead...” Based on the timing I probably won’t get to see it though but I bet it will be hysterical. Not sure if I’d like it as a musical though…

The Odyssey: The Musical (UofT Theatre/Victoria College Drama Society - Mar 7-9)

Seriously...THE a musical. O_O....I can't even imagine....but I NEED to see....(please don't botch this one up....)

The Passion of Dracula (UofT Theatre/Trinity College Dramatic Society – Mar 20-23)

A drama in 3 acts based upon the novel by Bram Stoker..i've seen Dracula as a musical and a ballet. So finally I get to see it without the bells and whistles...

The Wizard of Oz (Mirvish Productions – on stage now until June 2 at the Mirvish Theatre)

“The Wizard of Oz is an adaptation of the all-time classic and contains all the songs from the movie score, all the favourite characters and iconic moments, plus a few surprises along the way, including new songs by Tim Rice and Andrew Lloyd Webber.”

The Three Musketeers (Stratford Festival/Festival Theatre – May 18-October 19)

Anyone who knows my all time favourite movie will realize that this is always a must-see for me. And it is at the Festival Theatre rather than the Avon Theatre *squee* so it will be quite the grand scale production. I haven’t been to the Festival Theatre to see a play in years. I've already got my eye on a theatre package in May :)

The Giacomo Variations (Elgin Theatre – June 7-9)

Speaking of (a) my all time fav movie and (b) The Three Musketeers, I was happy to discover that John Malkovich was coming to T.O. to star in a production based on the life of Casanova….I can’t help but think of when JM played the Vicomte de Valmont in Dangerous Liaisons….he seemed so perfect in that period role. Granted he may be a little older now, he should still do a more than admirable turn as Casanova.

Aladdin (Mirvish Productions – commencing November 13 at the Mirvish Theatre)

Hands down my most loved Disney movie…and it is being turned into a musical which will have it’s world premiere here in Toronto before moving on to Broadway. Good luck to the actor who will be the genie is all I’m saying…those are mighty big shoes to fill.

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The Frogs: A New Musical by Stephen Sondheim

As a musical?…um NO! But it's Dionysus....*swoons*

The Odyssey: The Musical

As a musical? NO! Again NO!! But I'll still see's the frickin' Odyssey. The singing had better be phenomenal!

The Passion of Dracula

Yes Yes and Yes!!! Can't wait! *squee*

The Wizard of Oz

Yes! Hope it's good.

The Three Musketeers

Oh Stratford <3! Road Trip....let's hope that we go with the same group as last year it was such an enjoyable and relaxing trip! Remember the cookies? BTW I need to buy a leather jacket...

The Giacomo Variations

Casanova....oh my...


This should be so much fun! Can't wait for this one as well!
Great great productions all round...I can't wait to see how they do Aladdin on stage. The Cave of Wonders...the Magic Carpet...the city itself and the palace...I wonder if they will keep the tiger in it? And Jafar's bird? OMG when "Prince Ali" shows up...that will be some grand entrance for sure. The Genie will absolutely be the BEST part though. I hope they keep all the music in. Geez I wish I could to the choreography for "Friend Like Me" (although really that song would be so amazing for a figure skating routine...just sayin')
Oh this was good post, I'd love to see Dracula so if you have not gotten tickets yet let me know and I will call you to give you cash to pick up extra ticket or tickets for me if its not too much trouble. :)
We have not purchased tickets yet...not sure when we will go to get them. I'll keep you updated as to when we will go to pick up tix...probably some time next week or the week after. The box office is only open on M-F11-5 so it is a matter of it being good weather and leaving a bit early from work to get there before they close!! Tickets are only $10 :) and we'll probably go to the Saturday matinee performance at 2 PM. Is that okay for you?