Went to see the movie Mama this weekend. I am not a huge horror film fan - I don’t bother with campy horrors like Friday the 13th, Saw, Paranormal Activity, etc. But I do tend to enjoy classic horror films or thrillers that actually have a plot and, usually, a not-so-predictable storyline…. Mama had a lot to offer – absolutely brilliant cast, an innovative director, and well, Guillermo del Toro was the Executive Producer. Yes I had a few issues with the plot turns - specifically the lack of explanation regarding the background as to why the father does what he does at the beginning of the movie - but overall the movie was a good view. It was both creepy and hauntingly beautiful and definitely had its fright filled moments. Next up: Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters…suffice to say, my expectations are very, very low for this one. I still can't figure out why Jeremy Renner and Gemma Arterton are in this? *scratches head*

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Oh yup saw it as a fan of horror I love it... creepy but have to ask one question for it seemed to me.....

When the little girl Lilly (forgot her name if that was not it), when they went into the water...(earlier they had said she the ghost wraith woman was looking for her child as to what happens to it).. light surrounded them when Lilly touched her face could this be the realization that Lilly was her child reincarnated ???
I never really thought about it but that could work. It would make some sense.

[spoiler] I'm just glad they didn't kill off (I think his name was) Lucas (the uncle who got custody of them)...that would have ruined the movie for me