Superbowl halftime...my five cents....

So, Beyoncé….

Now I’m not saying she was bad…she wasn’t. She was actually very good. About as good as a show like that could be. It just didn’t have any substance. It was very disposable...enjoyable but you'll forget it in a week (after the next big performance which will likely happen at the Grammies this weekend). You could have put a bunch of Victoria’s Secrets models and/or exotic dancers up there, had them lip-sync and basically it wouldn’t have been much different IMO. Then again, it’s football, not Broadway. The normal real world football entertainment is cheerleaders and marching bands o_O The Beyoncé spectacular was a masterpiece in comparison to some of the prior Superbowl halftimes (I’m thinking of the Black Eyed Peas as I say this) but it certainly wasn’t the best.

For what it’s worth, my all time fav half-time show was performed by Prince. It wasn’t about lights, special effects or scantily clad dancers….yes Prince had all that stuff but surpisingly (and thankfully) THAT wasn’t the focal point. The focus was his music and how he was able to truly apply it to capture and enhance the mood and ambience of the moment. For me, nothing will ever top the majesty of Purple Rain during that downpour in Miami’s stadium….even if you don't like Prince you cannot say that finale wasn't one of the most epic, memorable and satisfying perfomances in Superbowl in halftime history.

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I watched the whole video because I couldn't remember seeing that half-time show! Yet I'm sure I watched that Super Bowl. But maybe I went to get something to eat or whatever, and missed it...*sigh*

Anyway, Prince makes Beyonce seem plastic and shallow, albeit very professional. Maybe it's a sign of the times, or just the difference in the type of performers they are. Prince certainly knows how to involve a crowd, in the way that Sly & the Family Stone did at Woodstock with 'I Want to Take You Higher' or how Janis Joplin did it at the Monterrey Jazz Festival all those years ago with 'Ball & Chain'. They're just amazing performers.