Loras + Renly - manscaping


Happy Pi Day (really the marketing people for The Life of Pi should have thought to release the dvd today…)

Let’s take a quick tally of my life over the past month:
Work=busy + School= busy + Health=so/so but hopefully on the upswing

With February long gone and the Ides upon us tomorrow I hope that everything now is a little less hection and I can hopefully relax and put my life in order. OK well maybe not re: school…I am over halfway through my two courses but still lots of work to be completed throughout the next few weeks. For the spring semester I’m only taking one class instead of two so I should have a bit more breathing room.

I have managed to enjoy a couple of outings. I dd see a few movies – Hansel & Gretel: Witch Hunters (Jeremy Renner in 3D…fun), Jack the Giant Slayer (cute), Beautiful Creatures (better than expected). Went to a play (The Odyssey: The Musical….great for a low budget production, except it was missing that ooh, aah, moment when Odysseus and Penny meet upon his return). Visited the Game of Thrones exhibit which featured tons of props, wardrobe, illustrations and general GoT goodies on display. Personal faves were the dragonglass blades and the maester’s chain. I couldn’t stop giggling every time I walked past Joffrey’s crossbow…IDK I'm weird. Sadly Ser Loras is non-existant in this GOT homage…where was THE RAZOR??? That blade may have been the single most memorable prop from Season 1, just sayin’. (EDIT: I forgot to mention the Valar Morghulis coin...yes, it was there!!!)

So we have a new Pope, alas, not a Pope Julius (my choice), or a Pope Leo (the general consensus) but a Pope Francis I. Not bad but it kind of hinders those poor French history scholars who are going to have one heck of time researching Francis I from now on. The Pope is an Argentine. I guess this is his equivalent of winning the World Cup….I wonder which Club he supports? Given his family history and new digs, will he cheer for Argentina or Italy in 2014? All I know is the asado pit is being set up in the Vatican loggia as we speak.
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As His Holiness is from Buenos Aires, I guess he could support any of the city's teams. French history students can relax (for the time being); he's just Pope Francis, he won't be known as Francis I until there's a Pope Francis II.
The pope is such a cute little old guy!!!

You know I loved Khamsina's music in Odyssey. I can't stop playing her stuff!

Didn't see the point of Hansel & Gretel being in 3D....meh.

Love the GOT exhibit. I like the fact that the Design Exchange let you take photographs and be fan geek at it unlike the Lightbox which were so strict on theirs last year. Those doors were fantastic....we need those doors to something. No house Finny :( And I wish you'd told me about that chain earlier as I would have take more close up pictures of each part....I should have worn my Khaleesi t-shirt lol
Sequel to Hansel & Gretel is in the works. TBA if Gemma and Jeremy will be in it. I suspect they both signed on for this movie as a one off to ensure they secured some other roles that they really wanted. Then again, who knows...if the money is right I'm sure they will be back.

We really need to upload those pics from the GoT exhibit. I forgot to mention the girl who looked like Bernadette who dressed up as Dany....she was soooo adorable. Next year I should dress as Margaery (I'd go as Melisandre but alas, no red wig for me...ditto for Cersei and the blonde wig).