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What about the ruby slippers?

Weird weekend…I watched a lot of sports. Haven’t done that in ages due to the lack of soccer coverage around these days. But it wasn’t soccer I was watching. Who knew the World Figure Skating Championships could be so interesting. For the record, I think the Canadian dance team was robbed and I’m not being partial because I am Canadian. I will  go on record saying I don’t think Patrick Chan should have won the men’s competition. Aside from his two quads, he wasn’t that great. Also watched some tennis…nice to see Rafa back in action.

I did get to see Oz: Great and Powerful and I have to say I was not impressed – it wasn’t bad, but it wasn’t, well, ‘great’. The story itself was half-decent with a good deal of reference back to the original film and some clever new additions. However, I was really underwhelmed by the cg/special effects. They spent how much to make this movie? Over $200 million? It really was not the visual treat you would expect for that kind of money. Maybe it will look better in HD on small screen…at least I hope so. While this movie did put a wonderful spin on the wizard’s back-story, it didn’t do much for the witches. Their stories seemed somewhat lack lustre and pieced together. Perhaps the movie chose to avoid dealing with the witches in detail since the play/book “Wicked” did such a wonderful job telling that side of the story. Even their makeup was blah – unless of course you were Michelle Williams, Glinda, who was flawless. They did a ghastly job reinventing the look of the Wicked Witch. Working with such an iconic character, and given the tools that are available for artists today, you would think they could have produced something truly mind-blowing, a human being both hideous yet fascinatingly compelling at the same time. I’ve seen much better work on Face Off. Meh… for what it is worth, the original movie is MUCH better…and I will finally be seeing it on big screen, next month…
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No wasn't impressed with the movie...I kept waiting for it to get spectacular and it just an epic fail at being anything more than humdrum....

I was hoping the 'wizard' would be charismatic....he wasn't. Yes a good spin on his story but if you're going to do that get someone to play the part that is at least charming and beguiling esp. if you're going to make him have a bit of a shady past. Jason at work was telling me they wanted Robert Downy Jr. for the role and I said no too old for the time frame of this movie (he disagreed but meh) and to me that would have been an even bigger disaster.

I didn't like Glinda's makeup. You could see where one colour ended and the next shimmer colour began. It drove me nuts actually. Blend people esp with HD.

And the green CG'd should have been green makeup on Mila...again epic fail as her face was too round for the part. Her acting was fine for the most part but the illusion wasn't there for me.

Loved Rachel W - she was awesome and I loved the little china doll/girl. She stole the show imho.
The China doll/girl was the best part...LOL Chinatown.

I heard Robert Downey Jr was the first choice and Johnny Depp was number two...but it was such a Johnny Depp role that it seemed almost too cliche and predictable for him given that he has played such character roles in the past. RDJ would have been ok in the part but I honestly had no problem with James Franco. He wasn't anything special but he wasn't bad either.

I don't think Mila's face was too round - I just think the makeup they gave her was horrible. They could have done soooo much better. I was even more disturbed by the real Mila/Theodora parts...she looked CG'd, like she wasn't really there. IDK with the filming of this movie...was it filmed in 3D and because we watched it in 2D it looked weird? IDK