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For the record, I am not a huge Daenerys Targaryen fan. Whenever I hit the Dany chapters in ASOIAF I usually groan and try to skim through them to get them over with as quickly as possible. I pretty much feel the same when Dany is on screen in the series as well. Not exactly my fav character. Perhaps it is because I think she has the potential to be a lot better than the girl they make her out to be. That said, this Dany rant is basically just a segue to some comments on the actress who portrays her...Emilia Clarke. I never really cared much one way or the other for her...she seemed pretty much like every other young, British actress....and she played Dany...nothing particularly special there. But the recent promo pics of her from the Red Carpet for the premiere of the new season are without a doubt some of the most flattering pics she has taken...Ever since she started her run on Broadway in Breakfast at Tiffany's it seems like something is different. I just can't place it...maybe she is just spa-ing more often. Anyhow, a picture is worth a thousand words....

Too bad she has to wear that horrid blonde wig on the show....

After attending the latest GoT exhibit, since the clothes on display seem to look like they'd fit me, I thought I'd check out some vitals to see how close they really are to my size:

  • Emilia = either 5'2" or 5'3", 34-24-34, 114 pounds

  • Lena Headey (Cersei) = 5'5", 32-25-33, 110 pounds

  • Michelle Fairley (Catelyn) = 5'5", (?), 125 pounds

  • Sophie Turner (Sansa) = 5'8" or 5'9" (personally I think she is taller than that), the rest IDK but she is so gorgeous does it really matter?

Body-wise I'm a little bigger but shorter than Lena; smaller but taller than Emilia...in any case, feel free to send me their wardrobes once the show has concluded as I'm certain I could make them fit. Thank you.
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Yes somewhere between the two at 5'4" BUT you're only 98lbs...so it's distributed differently. To me Dani looks pear shaped while Cercei looks so tall and thin....on camera I think you'd look tal and thin too...

Btw I didn't even recognize Emilia Clarke....and when InnerSpace was showing GOT on the red carpet the other day I didn't recognize her then (dark hair aside) I personally thing she's had something done to her....don't' know what but something physically is different about her.

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I'm pretty sure I'm only about 5'3" not 5'4"...and I'm definitely somewhere between the two.

I'm also pretty sure she had something done as well...she just doesn't look like she did when she first started on the show. IDK...it's definitely not a bad thing though.