Doctor Who - 11 Crazy Dance

Thank you EW....

I thought I was excited when I received this week's Entertainment Weekly magazine with the Game of Thrones cover...

And then I saw next week's cover(s)...

Great job EW...I've never been so happy and thankful to have a magazine subscription!!! Tuesday can't arrive soon enough. Two collectible covers for Doctor Who. I wonder which one I'll receive. Of course, I'll buy the other one as well, that's a given. For the record, I prefer the Doctor/Clara cover...that cover is so gorgeous it is frame-worthy.
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The Game of Thrones cover is lovely! Hard to believe the Season 3 premiere is only a week away!
IKR - I thought the day would never arrive but here it is...less than one week to go. Did you reread any of the books in preparation?
Yes, I reread Book Three and Four, then I read all 3 of the 'Dunk and Egg' novellas which gave me more insight into the Targaryen family. I want to start Book Five again because I've only read it once, but now there's so little time left.

Can't wait for exciting! XD
Doesn't even look like Dani in that cover....nose job?

Love the Doctor Who covers....I hope you get the Matt/Jenna cover!
I think it looks like Dani...but that said, I think she did have something done to her face because she looks a lot different from when she first started on GoT to now.

You know I'm buying another copy of the Doctor Who one!! Love it!!